500 trees, plan for new forest and a new circular price model

Our tree counter passed 500 trees this past week. A great time to announce some fun other green projects.

Planting of trees in the Netherlands

The past few months we have been busy behind the scenes with a new project: planting trees in the Netherlands. By looking for an approach that maximises CO2 absorption, we want to work with our partners in a practical and direct way to influence the greening of the Netherlands.

Students at the University of Groningen, for the subject Law, ICT and the Circular Economy, have done research for us to find the right approach. Because there’s a lot involved. Are we going for farmland? What about zoning? In which province can you start the fastest? What do we do about risks of XTC dumping or liability in our Ecoteers forests?

Although we have been rolling out this plan for some time, we could use all the extra help we can get on this. Do you as an individual, organization or business have resources that can help us? Then we would love to get in touch! We help needed on regulatory, permaculture/forestry/nature management and legal issues.

Want to know more about the greening project or even help us with it? Then take a look at the presentation of our plans below to find out more!

Circular pricing model

We want to expand our circular pricing system. At the moment, NGOs and green start-ups can get the help they deserve from us. We want to add an extra element to this from the launch of our new website:

All customers can earn discounts by making green investments.

In this way, together with our partners, we want to make progress. We want to come up with an elaborated version of this pricing system in early March. In mid-March, we plan to roll out the new pricing system and packages at the launch of our new website!

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