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Effectively get in touch with your target group through social media. We’d love to help you on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Show your customers what you are doing

It is not always easy to always give an update on the different channels. That’s why we like to help you. We don’t just want to take work off your hands, we want to look together at what you can do yourself.

That’s why all our packages are always flexible and we always adapt our offer to the needs of the customer.

Have a free Social Media Survey done.

Social media has to fit your target group. It is therefore important that an expert looks at this. We give you free advice on which channels are relevant for your business.

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This is what we'll do

In order to effectively reach your target group, a number of steps need to be taken. We would be happy to discuss our approach with you.

Social Media Research

Being present on all channels at random is not always necessary. That’s why we will first look together at which channels your target group is active on. This way we don’t waste resources on inefficient content.

Content planning

After this we make a content planning that fits the rhythm of your organization. You can think of fixed days when important news is announced or determine a recurring item that is fun for your target audience.

social media marketing

Monthly update

It is good to keep an eye on how fast your Social Media channels are rising and why. That’s why we give you a monthly update on the results and continue to look together for areas of improvement.

What we offer

Our subscription packages

We offer several social media packages. With these packages, we assume you want to be active on the four major channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). If another channel suits your target group better (Pinterest, TikTok or Youtube) you can always replace one channel with another.

Do you want us to write blogs for your website? Then you can link our Social Media posts to the blogs from our Copywriting package. You will receive a 50% combi discount on the Copywriting package.

Plant Package

Keep your customers informed
400 monthly
  • 4 different subjects per month
  • We share the messages on 4 channels of your choice
  • Total 16 Monthly Posts
  • The texts fit the users of that channel
  • We provide suitable royalty-free images
  • Week of your own time? No problem. We'll deduct it from your bill.
  • Free social media research
  • Monthly update of channel performance
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Tree Package

Create a strong constituency
800 monthly
  • 8 different topics per month
  • We share the messages on 4 channels of your choice
  • Total 32 Monthly Posts
  • The texts fit the users of that channel
  • We provide suitable royalty-free images
  • Week of your own time? No problem. We'll deduct it from your bill.
  • Free social media research
  • Monthly update of channel performance
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Forest Package

For the big players
1200 monthly
  • 12 different subjects per month
  • We share the messages on 4 channels of your choice
  • Total 48 Monthly Posts
  • The texts fit the users of that channel
  • We provide suitable royalty-free images
  • Week of your own time? No problem. We'll deduct it from your bill.
  • Free social media research
  • Monthly update of channel performance
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Sustainable cooperation

Valuable partnerships

Sustainability is not just about planting trees and making green decisions. We aspire to build sustainable collaborations with our partners. We do this in the following ways:

We always share our knowledge

We’re not out to get all the work. We like to look together at what we can do. Often a lot can be achieved by using plug-ins. Can you do it yourself at some point? No hard feelings, we’ll just focus on other services.

Promoting sustainability with a discount

In addition to our own projects, we also want to encourage our partners to make an impact. Therefore, we give a discount if certain sustainable changes have taken place.

Ecoteers Green Pricing Model: Price based on sustainability & ability to pay

We have a special pricing system at Ecoteers. We are happy to explain it to you.

Sustainability & Carrying capacity

Some organizations deserve a helping hand. That’s why we like to help NGOs and sustainable start-ups on their way. If you come to us as a starting sustainable organization, then anything is possible.

Do you work at a sustainable start-up or for an NGO? Then don’t buy a package and contact us. If we have a good feeling about the organisation and the values match our own, then anything is possible.

Sustainable Partnerships

Cases we are proud of

We have already helped a number of organisations on their way by improving their Social Media. Here are a few examples of cases at our customers.



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De Buren

De Buren

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Our Social Media Team

Are you curious who is going to help you with Social Media? We have a few members of our fanatical Social Media team here who would like to introduce themselves to you.

How can we help you?

    What can we help you with?

    Bernadottelaan 13
    3527 GA, Utrecht

    Kantoor Hengelo
    Demmersweg 40
    7556 BN, Hengelo

    Knowledge should be shared

    Our knowledge base

    You can always contact us if you need advice about your social media channels. We like to share our knowledge! In our knowledge base you will find all the ins and outs of online marketing, social media and sustainability. Read on!

    The value of outsourcing social media

    Social media cannot be ignored in society today. For many companies, social media management is proving to be invaluable in the area of Marketing. Outsourcing social media offers a great way to reach large numbers of people. Although the average conversion ratio of 0.5 – 0.7% for a social media strategy is often lower than for example a targeted ad campaign (~2.5%), you reach a much larger audience and you often spend a lot less time and money on generating social media content. Here we tell you more about social media management and why outsourcing social media can be beneficial for you.

    Why outsource social media?

    Social media management issues

    Many companies still run into the lamp when it comes to making the most of social media marketing, such as facebook marketing and instagram marketing. Because there is no good social media management strategy, it can be useful to outsource these activities to a social media marketing agency.

    Outsource social media marketing

    As mentioned earlier, the right social media marketing gives you the ability to connect with your target audience quickly and effectively. It offers opportunities for acquiring new customers, investors or simply increasing the visibility of your business. Yet companies often miss out on these opportunities. This may be because time would rather be spent on jobs with immediate results, or work that is now a priority over an instagram marketing post. Outsourcing social media management can be beneficial.

    The question that then comes up is where is the best place to outsource your social media marketing? The prices of social media outsourcing can be very different for each social media marketing agency. At Ecoteers, we offer transparent social media outsourcing pricing based on our packages. In addition, we like to listen to the needs of the customer and we believe in a personal approach. What can you expect from social media outsourcing with Ecoteers? We’ll explain.

    Outsource Instagram management and facebook marketing

    Ecoteers develops an appropriate social media content plan and analyses which channels are most suitable for you. For example, you can outsource your Instagram management, start with facebook marketing or let our social media marketers write the right content for the social media channels. Outsourcing social media may seem unnecessary; you can post social media content yourself. Still, there is a lot to optimize in terms of social media management. Timing, message, visuals and hashtag usage should all be tailored to your target audience(s).

    So it goes beyond just writing creative posts at the right time. Our social media marketers are busy all day optimizing the content and applying the right social media strategy. When outsourcing social media, you save time, you get the right expertise and you know that the right results can be achieved. It can also be difficult to figure out what content to post. Sometimes you run out of inspiration, while our social media marketers are still full of ideas!

    Every client is different, which is why we believe in a personal approach to social media outsourcing. We are happy to tell you how we deal with this.

    What does a social media marketing agency do?

    Create a social media content plan

    A social media marketing agency like Ecoteers, when outsourcing social media, first of all provides a good content plan. Creating the social media content plan always starts with asking a few questions:

    • On which channels is my target group active?
    • For what purpose do I want to use social media management?
    • How often do I want to post content?

    Based on this, a social media management strategy can be created. If you choose to outsource social media, this does not mean that you have no input yourself. After all, you know your customers best. Together with you, we draw up a customised social media plan in order to achieve the best results from outsourcing social media.

    Social media marketing in Utrecht

    Social media management

    Do you know how to best use the different social media channels? Or which posts work best? Social media management can be trickier than you think. It goes beyond originality, creativity and the right frequency of content posting. Outsourcing social media gives the management the right strategy and you don’t have to worry about it.

    Outsourcing social media with Ecoteers means more visibility, more reach and the right expression of your business on the world wide web. By using the right reports and analyses, you stay informed and we continue to work in a result-oriented way. Do you have specific requirements for social media outsourcing? Then our social media marketers will think along with you.

    Outsource social media in Utrecht

    Ecoteers is a social media marketing agency in Utrecht. Because of our young and enterprising personality, we are very accessible to sustainable customers. We outsource social media from our office in Utrecht. To make it easy for our clients, we offer several social media outsourcing packages. You can therefore easily choose which strategy suits your business. With each of our social media outsourcing packages, you can expect us to go for results. More visibility, more traffic, more leads. In addition, we value a personal strategy and a lasting relationship with our clients. More information about the different social media outsourcing packages can be found at the top of the page.

    Are you curious about the possibilities for your company in the area of social media outsourcing? Ecoteers is ready for you! You can always email or call, but you can also make an appointment to visit our social media marketing department in Utrecht!

    Social media outsourcing can be very useful for both young businesses, and established powerhouses. Social media management is often underestimated, and needs the right expertise to get real results. A social media marketing agency like Ecoteers can help you with proper social media management for different channels. Would you like to outsource your Instagram management? Or take your Facebook marketing to the next level? Then you are at the right place at Ecoteers! Check out our social media outsourcing packages for more information.

    Social media outsourcing prices may vary by social media marketing agency. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right partner to work with. At Ecoteers, you can decide which service best suits your needs on the basis of various social media outsourcing packages. In addition to result-oriented social media management, you can expect a long-term partnership at Ecoteers. Do not wait any longer and let your social media be outsourced by social media marketers with the right expertise!

    Social media management has many pitfalls for beginners. It is difficult to determine how you can best reach the right target group with the right messages. Therefore, a good social media content plan is needed. Determine which target group you want to reach and what for. Besides creativity, originality and content frequency, there are many points that are important. This is why it can be useful to hire a social media expert. Outsourcing social media allows you to have the right expertise in house and saves you time. Want to know more? Take a look at the website of social media marketing agency Ecoteers!

    A social media marketing agency is an expert in the field of social media outsourcing. With the right social media management strategy, the use of your social media channels is taken to the next level. A social media marketing agency deals with social media marketing, such as instagram marketing and facebook marketing. It takes care of your right content for better visibility, more leads and more website traffic. Would you like to outsource your social media? Check out the social media outsourcing packages of Ecoteers!

    Outsourcing social media is best done by a social media marketing agency. A social media marketing agency employs social media marketers with the right expertise for your overall social media marketing plan. For the right social media management check our social media outsourcing packages, and choose the one that suits you best. Because of our personal approach and transparent social media outsourcing prices, Ecoteers is the right place to go for a sustainable partnership with results. Please feel free to contact us so we can look at the possibilities together.