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Ready to extend your online strategy to marketplaces? Or curious about whether marketplaces are suitable for your company and product? Enlist the help of our marketplaces experts.

Creating competitive listings to win

Selling successfully on Marketplaces involves a lot more than most entrepreneurs initially estimate. After all, publishing the products is only the tip of the iceberg.

To achieve the desired sales results, the product listings must be completed as completely as possible. This means that every aspect of the product must be legible on the page.

Think of a title with relevant keywords, but also size information, supporting images and reviews. Once this is in order, it’s time to see where we stand in relation to the competition in terms of shipping costs and delivery time.

Also, not every product is suitable for marketplaces. That’s why our experts offer extensive support in choosing the right strategy on the platforms Bol and Amazon.

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This is what we'll do

Do you need help selling successfully on Bol and Amazon? Then we can certainly help you with this! To make sure there are no surprises, we briefly explain how we will approach our help.

Potential/Feasibility Scan

Before we start we would like to map out the opportunities on marketplaces. We do this by examining the organisation and its product range, as well as the market in which it operates.

Strategy definition

Together we will determine which goals we set for marketplaces and how we will achieve them. Think about the choice of the product itself, the price and the budget.

Content optimization

Without content, selling on marketplaces is meaningless. That's why we're first going to make sure consumers can find their way to your products. We do this on the basis of extensive research.

Account management

Once the startup phase is complete, it's time to further optimize existing listings, add new ones or launch CPC (Sponsored Products) campaigns. Of course we will discuss all options together.

What we offer

Our subscription packages

We offer different packages based on the required knowledge of our writers. Standard 2 blogs per month are included in the packages but weekly or monthly blogs are also possible.

Full service account management

Complete setup of a marketplace store. All facets of becoming successful will be included.
380 per month starting price
  • Account setup
  • Strategy and product selection
  • Design and optimization of product pages
  • Discussion of logistics plan
  • Advertising products with PPC campaigns (Sponsored Products)
  • Coaching and steering for result improvement
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Content optimization

Pure focus on improving findability and appearance on Marketplaces
250 monthly
  • Keyword research with the help of marketplace tooling
  • Writing unique content for all products
  • Full enrichment of all relevant specifications
  • Control of indexing and optimization
  • Coaching and direction on further improving visuals and brand store.
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Campaign management

Launch and maintain PPC campaigns for already performing accounts
250 monthly
  • Choice of suitable products
  • Analysing incoming data over certain periods
  • Optimization based on improvement ACoS
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
  • Available on a monthly basis

Sustainable businesses

Valuable partnerships

For us, sustainability is not just about planting trees and making green decisions. We aspire to build sustainable collaborations with our partners. We do this in the following ways:

Sharing knowledge

We always look at whether your organization can take over activities itself. Therefore, the subscription can be cancelled every month. Of course, you can always scale down or up. With this approach, we can use our skills in other areas if desired.

Promoting sustainability with a discount

We hope that the companies and entrepreneurs in our network will also actively pursue sustainability in the coming years. We want to actively stimulate green decision-making. If you are an Ecoteers customer, you can earn a discount on your monthly package price when your organization becomes more sustainable. 

Circular pricing model: price based on required knowledge, sustainability & capacity

We work with a special pricing system at Ecoteers.

Required Knowledge
Not all texts are the same It is easier for our writers to write about low-level topics than complex technologies or software.

Sustainability & Impact
We like to collaborate with organisations that make an impact. So much so that we offer discounts that can quickly mount up. In the case of small sustainable NGOs which we support, anything is possible.

Do you have a sustainable organisation or do you work at a sustainable organisation? Do not buy a package, but fill in the contact form. We will be happy to talk to you and will gladly add water to the wine.

Our Marketplaces Team

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    Knowledge should be shared

    Our knowledge base

    We love to share our content knowledge, so our writers write periodic blogs on the latest trends in the land of copywriting. Find them in our knowledge base! Below are the latest articles written by our writers. 

    SEO Copywriting for your company

    Marketplaces have been surging in popularity in the retail world lately. It offers a centralized marketplace as an alternative to advertising through your own webshop. Especially the larger online companies are very interesting for this. The Amazon marketplace and Bol marketplaces are good examples of this.

    As an online shopper, you may have noticed that a garment or other item does not come directly from Bol. For smaller webshops in particular, this is a very interesting alternative. This way you can take advantage of the fame of bigger brands and still be in the spotlight.

    Google also wants to take full advantage of this, if you click on the shopping tab when searching for a product, you will see a large selection of products from different providers.

    What is copywriting?

    As a retailer you will have to consider whether offering your products on, for example, the Amazon marketplace is a good idea. There are both advantages and disadvantages to offering your products on marketplaces, especially as a reseller.

    For example, as a reseller you will have to compete against the big brands that sell the same products directly and can offer the products cheaper due to the higher margins. If you are going to sell on, you will also be competing directly with Bol’s own products.

    seo copywriting

    It can also lead to cannibalisation of traffic on your own website and perhaps the biggest disadvantage: you lose insight into interesting customer data and contact details. After all, a customer portfolio is also worth a lot.

    On many marketplaces you also have to pay margins to the marketplace itself. These are usually between 8% and 15% of gross turnover. You will have to weigh up whether the extra exposure outweighs the costs of advertising with a marketplace online.

    What is SEO?

    Although there are relatively more disadvantages for resellers than for larger brands to sell directly through a marketplace, selling on Amazon or often has a lot of value for the reseller. In addition, you can somewhat offset the disadvantages of advertising on a marketplace. Thus, if you have a good relationship with the brand owner, you can still benefit from good margins.

    With good communication between you as a reseller and the brand owner, you don’t have to compete with each other to the death and it can be advantageous for both parties to sell via a marketplace.

    Why is SEO copywriting important?

    Higher findability

    If your shop is active on a large marketplace like the Bol marketplace or Amazon marketplace, then you know right away that your findability in Google is good. The focus is not on online findability, but on distinguishing yourself on the marketplace itself. This can be done with attractive and complete product descriptions, lots of pictures and of course attractive prices.

    So the extra cost you pay to the marketplace itself is actually paid for in an often much higher reach. As a reseller it is therefore important to make yourself visible on the platform itself, which is often a different strategy than when you want to rank on Google.

    Richer content

    Although we previously mentioned cannibalization as a disadvantage (which it is!), advertising sales through or selling through Amazon can also have positive effects on your own webshop. When you create brand awareness through the Bol marketplace, for example, the buyers will also be familiar with your name.

    Should they search for your own products in the future, there is a chance that the customer will search directly on the name of your webshop and will end up at your own webshop.

    This way you benefit from the marketplace without having to pay the extra margin on sales.

    Content plan method

    Just deciding to sell through or sell through Amazon doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success in the marketplace. For this you will need to optimise the presentation of your products, among other things. So it’s important to have a concrete plan in place before you actually move into marketplace advertising. If you engage Ecoteers to do this, we will walk you through the 4 steps below to come up with the best possible marketplace plan.

    We will discuss your needs and develop a clear plan to help you sell successfully on Bol and Amazon. This way you can be sure that the presentation of your products is in order and that there is a clear strategy behind advertising via a marketplace.

    Have a blog written

    SEO Copywriting: Frequently Asked Questions

    If your shop is active on a large marketplace like the Bol marketplace or Amazon marketplace, then you know right away that your findability in Google is good. The focus is not on online findability, but on distinguishing yourself on the marketplace itself.

    Marketplace advertising is becoming more and more interesting as this concept becomes more popular. More and more large online retailers offer this service, which allows you as a smaller reseller to benefit from the findability and brand awareness of the umbrella web shop.

    Although it comes with some drawbacks, offering your product on a marketplace is almost always worth considering.

    There are numerous central marketplaces. Our recommendations include selling through Amazon or marketplaces. These are very well known names in the webshop world (Amazon international and Bol national).

    If you want to advertise optimally via a marketplace and distinguish yourself, you will have to get the most out of your presentation on the platform. This can be done with clear product descriptions, competitive prices and catchy images, but also a fast response time when there is, for example, a complaint.

    Although the link with marketplace advertising and sustainability is hard to find, we want to combine our marketplace expertise with supporting sustainable initiatives and startups.

    As a customer, you therefore not only get customised service but also the guarantee that you are actively contributing to a more sustainable and greener Netherlands.