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Do you want to increase the number of leads or sales? This is possible by using the right online advertising strategy. By approaching potential customers during the entire buying process, we increase the likelihood that consumers choose your product or service.

We are happy to help you create, publish, set up and monitor online advertisements. Because quality and customer satisfaction are important to us, it is possible to cancel our services on a monthly basis.

We'll show you where you can find relevant opportunities, free of charge.

Curious to know how you can benefit from an online strategy? We are happy to help by performing an online advertising scan, free of charge.

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This is what we'll do

Our team of online advertising specialists will create the right strategy for you. We are happy to explain how we do it.

Kick-off brainstorming session

Setting up a successful advertising campaign starts with defining the objective. Based on the objective we select the right channels to use in order to achieve the objective.

Setting up campaigns and advertisements

After determining the objective and the advertising channels to be used, we set up the campaigns and advertisements. Together we determine which images and texts will be used.

Monitoring and optimisation

Monitoring is an important part of successful online advertising campaigns. Campaigns are adjusted on the basis of the data obtained. This is an ongoing process as long as the campaign is live.

Monitoring and optimisation

Our subscription packages

We offer different packages to ensure they fit the needs of your organisation. You can choose which package fits your needs below. There are different packages for search engine advertising and social media advertising. We create the ads, you’ll only have to approve them. The out-of-pocket costs and media budget (for example for Google or LinkedIn) are not included in the package. You can decide the budget you set for your advertising and can adjust this any time.

Plant Package

Customised package
175 monthly
  • Set up 3 to 4 campaigns
  • Monitor and adjust performance
  • Monthly reporting

Tree Package

Customised package
300 monthly
  • Set up 5 to 8 campaigns
  • Monitor and adjust performance
  • Monthly reporting

Forest Package

Customised package
500+ monthly
  • Set up 8+ campaigns
  • Monitor and adjust performance
  • Monthly reporting

* All prices are excluding VAT

Sustainability in business

Valuable partnerships

For us, sustainability is not just about planting trees and making green decisions. We aspire to build sustainable collaborations with our partners. We do so by:

Sharing our knowledge

We always assess whether your organisation might be able to perform the steps itself. Therefore, the subscription can be cancelled every month. You can always decide to invest more or less in your advertising. With this approach, we can use our skills in other areas if desired.

Promoting sustainability with a discount

We hope that the organisations in our network will also become more sustainable. We want to actively stimulate green decision-making. If you are an Ecoteers customer, you can earn a discount on your package price if your organisation takes steps to go green.

Green Pricing Model: Price based on required knowledge, sustainability & impact.

We work with a special pricing system at Ecoteers.

Required Knowledge
Not all texts are the same. It is easier for our writers to write about low-level topics than complex technologies or software.

Sustainability & Impact
We like to collaborate with organisations that make an impact. This is so important to us that we even give discounts that can quickly add up. In the case of small sustainable NGOs that we support ourselves, anything is possible.

Do you have a sustainable organisation or do you work at a sustainable organisation? Do not buy a subscription package, but fill out our contact form. We’ll gladly discuss the possibilities and make concessions where possible.

Sustainable Partnerships

Cases we are proud of

Keep reading for a few fun projects from Ecoteers from the past period. Together with our partners, we are actively looking for opportunities to strengthen our cooperation. That is why we are pleased with the rapidly growing number of sustainable partners.



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Our Advertising Team

Do you want to know who will be working on your advertising campaigns? Find out who you can contact for all your questions about advertising!

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Knowledge should be shared

Our knowledge base

We are happy to share our knowledge of online marketing and online advertising. That’s why our writers write blogs about the latest trends in the land of online marketing. Find them in our knowledge base! A selection of our latest blogposts.

Why Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

What is Search Engine Advertising?

What is SEA? Search Engine Advertising is the purchasing of advertising space in search engines such as Google or Bing. Advertisements in search engines are visible at the top of the search engine results page. Below that are the organic search results generated by the search engine. These organic search results are often achieved through search engine optimisationandcopywriting.

Search Engine Advertising is therefore an easy way to rank high in searches on Google. You can do Search Engine Advertising yourself, but you can also outsource it to a Google Ads specialist. Besides Search Engine Advertising you also have the possibility to use social media advertising, such as linkedin advertising or facebook marketing. With a Google Ads specialist such as Ecoteers it is possible to (partially) outsource these marketing activities and have them optimised. Keep reading to learn more about Search Engine Advertising and how you can use it.

How does Search Engine Advertising work?

Search Engine Advertising works with an auction system in which you can bid. That is how you buy online advertising space. Through the auction system you choose which sea marketing keywords you want to bid on at the auction. These keywords are analysed by a Google ads specialist or SEA specialist.

When someone searches for the chosen keywords, the auction starts. Every time someone clicks on your search engine advertisement, you pay a fixed amount. How much this amount is, depends on the popularity of the online advertisement. Frequently searched keywords are more expensive than keywords that are not often used.

You decide how much you want to spend on search engine advertising with an advertising budget. With this budget you can specify how much you want to spend on ad clicks per day. Has your maximum search engine advertising amount been reached? Then your online ad will no longer appear for your chosen keyword that day.

Search engine advertising platforms can display your ad optimally throughout the day using the budget and conditions that you have set. You are in charge with SEA and can for example choose to have your ad displayed only on certain days or at certain times.

What is important in online advertising?

What many people do not realise is that the quality of your ad and the quality of the website you want to lead visitors to also counts heavily in this auction. This means you can still win an auction with a lower budget because of the quality of your ad and website. Therefore, it may be useful to hire a Google ads specialist and outsource your Google ads to a suitable online advertising agency such as Ecoteers.

In addition to Google Ads, SEA marketing specialists also have expertise in social media advertising, including LinkedIn advertising and Instagram advertising. With social media advertising or Facebook marketing, it is possible to reach many people within your target audience with a targeted ad. Because you also pay for search engine advertising and social media advertising, creating traffic and leads is a lot faster compared to organic forms of online marketing, such as copywriting and search engine optimisation.


What is Google Ads?

What is Google Ads? Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is Google’s platform on which you can run your search engine advertising. In addition to Google Ads, you also have Bing Ads, better known as Microsoft Advertising. LinkedIn advertising, for example, is done through Microsoft. Google Ads is used for Youtube or search engine advertising. Facebook marketing is the third way of online advertising, which for instance includes Instagram advertising. These three parties are the absolute powerhouses of search engine advertising (SEA) and social media advertising, and are therefore also used the most for SEA marketing campaigns.

The possibilities with these search engine advertising platforms are endless. Are you a company that mainly sells locally, like a local butcher? Then you can set up your campaign so your ad is only shown within certain postcodes or in certain cities.

Google Ads is now making better use of machine learning artificial intelligence marketing. With this technology, the system trains itself in order to achieve the very best results in the online advertising campaign. The prerequisite, however, is that the system has enough data to work with.

The system within Google Ads needs time and knowledge to be able to make the right bids. It is difficult to automate without specific settings or history. A Google Ads specialist can help you set up the campaigns properly and continuously optimise them. As a Google Ads specialist, Ecoteers offers various packages in the field of search engine advertising or social media advertising and management. This includes Google Ads outsourcing, LinkedIn advertising, Instagram advertising and Facebook Marketing.

What is a SEA marketing campaign?

When you use search engine advertising in the right way, it ensures that relevant conversions take place. With a conversion, we mean that on your website, visitors do what you want them to do. Usually, this is placing an order or requesting a quotation.

With a well-designed SEA marketing campaign, your company will be found faster and better, while you can keep costs as low as possible. It is therefore a highly effective way of online advertising.

When is Search Engine Advertising successful?

A campaign can be successful when the advertisement generates more brand awareness or brings back old customers. In this case, the success can be seen in the number of visitors or views. Of course, it is important to first find out what the exact goal of a SEA marketing campaign is.

In most cases, you measure the success of a SEA campaign by looking at the “Return On Ad Spend” or ROAS. This is the percentage that represents the relationship between the money that you have spent on an advertisement and the monetary value it has generated. Do you have any questions about the content of online advertisements or would you like to outsource your social media advertising or Google Ads to a Google Ads specialist? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Outsource Google Ads to a Google Ads specialist in Utrecht

Ecoteers can help your business succeed with search engine advertising. We can help you in the following ways:

  1. First, we look at which way of advertising on Google suits your business best. This can be search engine advertising, but it can also be another way of advertising that is better suited for your target group, such as social media advertising.
  2. Our SEA specialists will set up your online campaigns in consultation with your company.
  3. As a Google Ads specialist, we can also help you optimise your current campaigns. Perhaps you have already spent a lot on search engine advertising, but it has yielded nothing or too little.

No matter how poorly your ads and campaigns perform, they have created valuable data. Through a thorough analysis of this data, we can find out why your campaigns are not performing and can set up new, optimised versions that will instantly yield results.

  1. What we ensure in any case is that you can see clear results in your ROAS or (Return on Ad Spend) at the end of the month. The longer the campaigns run, the more optimisation can take place. So you will see that the ROAS gets higher and higher over the course of a year.
  2. After we have monitored and analysed all online advertising campaigns for a few months, you can take over. We’ll explain exactly how you can check your performance in Google Analytics.
  3. Are you satisfied with our campaigns? Then you can simply run them through Ecoteers. Have you taken Google advertising into your own hands again, but do you need some help? Just let us know. Scaling up or down is always possible.

What do we mean by sustainable SEA?

We don’t consider going green just an option. At Ecoteers, we are committed to making a real positive impact on the world through marketing. All the services we use are known for their sustainability. And so are our clients.

Through the Ecotree project, we support sustainable SEA by linking each order to a number of trees that are planted for this purpose.

Would you like to know more about our services or explore the possibilities together? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Search engine advertising: frequently asked questions

With Search Engine Advertising you pay for each click on your advertisement. That is why Search Engine Advertising is often referred to as PPC marketing (pay-per-click). These advertisements can be visible on different devices that your target group uses, such as the desktop PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

The most commonly used advertising programs for managing SEA marketing campaigns are Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) or Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads).

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is Google’s platform for Search Engine Advertising. With Google Ads it is possible to advertise on the most used search engine in the world, and on all Google’s other platforms such as Youtube. You can start and manage Google Ads campaigns yourself, or you can outsource your Google Ads to a Google Ads specialist such as Ecoteers. Would you like to know more about Search Engine Advertising? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

In addition to using Google Ads, it is also possible to use Social Media advertising. With Facebook Marketing you can easily get started with Facebook and Instagram advertising. With Microsoft Advertising it is possible to start LinkedIn advertising campaigns. Would you like to outsource your social media management? Then you have come to the right place! Read more about it on our website or contact us.

Sustainable SEA is not just a word at Ecoteers. We use all of our marketing services, such as Search Engine Advertising, to make a difference in the world. In addition to our sustainable customers and sustainable projects, we are driven to make the world a little better every day. Would you like to know more about our services or projects? Take a look at our website!

Search Engine Advertising works with a kind of auction. Via your SEA marketing platform you set a budget per keyword (for example per day). During the day, these keywords enter a kind of auction, where each click on your ad leads to a payment of a fixed amount. In this way you can create and control a campaign for a specific target group. As a Google Ads specialist, Ecoteers works on creating and optimising search engine advertising campaigns on a daily basis. Are you curious about how we operate? Check it out on our website or contact us.