EcoTree Project

With the Ecotree project we ensure a constant positive impact of our services.

Planting trees for our services

about us

The goal of Ecoteers is to make a positive impact through the use of marketing. At first sight, Copywriting can’t make a big difference in terms of sustainability. Nevertheless, we want to make a contribution with our Copywriting department. That is why we started the Ecotree project.

For every 2,500 words we write, our clients make a positive impact. We get help from a reliable organization that plants the trees for us. Because we believe that trees should be planted all over the world, we looked for organizations with a global coverage.

Roll up your sleeves

In addition to NGO’s planting trees for us, we also want to start our own in the Netherlands. Therefore, one of our goals is to plant the first Ecoteers forest in the Netherlands before 2022! We have found out that this is not easy in the Netherlands. We hope to plant the first tree in 2021.

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Goals we want to achieve in the coming years

What do we want to achieve?

80,000 trees planted before 2030

200% CO2 reduction by 2030

First Ecoteers forest in 2021

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