Kromkommer fights the waste of fruit and vegetables that don’t look quite perfect and tries to change the way people think about the quality of these products. Together with their own Krommunity, they create positive campaigns and always find new creative ways to change the way people view different vegetables. Current projects include a children’s book, an educational program for elementary schools, and fruit and vegetable toys.

Eliminating Food Waste

Kromkommer believes that you can only tackle food waste if you involve the whole chain and as many people as possible become fans of krom. Kromkommer does this through campaigns, the crooked fruit and vegetable toys, the children’s book “De Krommies – Mister Bipolar” and the “Save the Krommies” teaching package.

In 2018, Kromkommer launched the Kromme fruit and vegetable play set with sustainable toy maker PlanToys. PlanToys makes toys from Thai rubber trees that no longer produce rubber.

The sawdust that remains after production, also called PlanWood, is used again to make the crooked fruit and vegetable playset. The toys are coloured with pigments from vegetables, fruit and herbs. And the crooked heroes are put together with natural glue.

Until recently, these unique and sustainable products were only offered in specialty stores and physical shops. Later on, these were also offered online by large well-known online stores, but there was no own webshop.

Your own Kromkommer website

In Ecoteers, a sustainable partner was found for setting up a reliable webshop with secure payment methods. We also looked for a user-friendly solution so that Kromkommer itself can easily view and modify the website.

Discounts are automatically processed through discount codes and passed on in the price. After entering their data, customers can create an account immediately with the click of a mouse. This makes it easier to place follow-up orders because orderers can sign up for the e-mail newsletter during the ordering process.

The webshop of Kromkommer

As payment method iDeal has been chosen deliberately, by far the most used payment option in the Netherlands which all banks support. This also simplifies the management and insight into the incoming payments.

Nowadays, customers can order the Mister Tweebeenpeen book or the play set at any time on Kromkommer’s own webshop. Meanwhile, the play set is sold all over the world and children from Sweden to China get to know the Krommies.

Want to buy your own crooked fruit playset? Then take a look at the webshop of Kromkommer!

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