The operation of the usual flea collar is often based on the use of chemical pesticides such as pesticides or biocides. These are often used in agriculture to control pests and thus protect food from unwanted influences.

Natural alternatives

Nowadays most flea collars are also provided with these pesticides. Fleacare is specialized in natural variants in the segment of flea and tick control in dogs.

The website of Fleacare

Improved online findability

In order to raise awareness on these natural products and improve online findability within the Google algorithms, Ecoteers’ copywriting Utrecht team was hired. Our team has provided informative articles that offer practical information and tips for pet lovers. For example, frequently asked questions from customers are quickly answered.

In addition, SEO blogs were written on a weekly basis. Thanks to these blogs, more and more dog lovers have found their way to the Fleacare site and bought these animal- and eco-friendly products.

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