About us

We combine our online marketing knowledge with our passion for sustainability to make the world a better place.

This is what Ecoteers stands for

about us

With our services, projects and partners, we are committed to making a positive contribution to the world. We firmly believe that when marketing is used for good, it can make a difference. 

With Ecoteers, we use marketing to promote responsible products. We also offer NGOs and green start-ups the help they need.

Because we established this philosophy right from the start, sustainability has been a guiding principle in all our choices. This is reflected in the organisations we work with.


Our values

In order to guarantee sustainability, the following core values are always central. 

All the services we use ourselves are known for their sustainability

Since we only need a computer & internet for our work, this is not an industry where you can make a big difference. Still, we want to do everything we can.

For example, we're with a sustainable bank (Triodos), we use servers that run on solar energy, our interior is second-hand and even our Ecoteers T-shirts are 100% organic. Every little bit helps.

We hope to persuade the organizations we work with to do the same.

For all our services we plant trees

We have a tree planted with all the products we offer. We do this not to compensate, but to achieve our goals for a net positive impact on the environment and nature. 

For every 2500 words written by our copywriting department, we plant at least 1 tree. Our other services are also linked to impact.

In addition, it is our goal to plant forests under our own management. We set aside a monthly budget and the goal is to start with the first Ecoteers forest in the Netherlands in 2021 . Read more about this plan at our goals below.

Green start-ups & NGOs deserve support and get free help or a reduced rate from us

With our sustainable start-up project we want to help organizations that are short of cash, but can contribute to a better world.

Together we want to see what we can do for them and use our platforms to put these start-ups in the spotlight. Read more about this at our projects.

We politely turn away customers with wrong intentions

We would like to involve as many organisations as possible in achieving our goals. However, we must draw a line somewhere.

If an organisation does not fit in with our philosophy or if it only wants to use us to polish its image, a cooperation is not desirable.

See the green projects we are working on

For the next 10 years

Long-term goals

We want to plant 80.000 trees before 2030

All our services are linked to an x number of trees. We have these planted by NGOs that are known for actually planting them.

Our own goal is currently 80,000 trees by 2030. Downward adjustment is not an option and every 2.5 years we will see if we can adjust it upward.

Deadline: 31 December 2030

We want to be 200% CO2 negative by 2030

We strive for a positive impact. Because energy consumption is not an elementary part of our industry, zero-emission targets are not enough for us.

Our own goal is to be 200%CO2 negative by 2030. Downward adjustment is not an option and every 2.5 years we will see if we can adjust it upward.

Deadline: 31 December 2030

Goals we want to achieve in the coming years

Short-term goals

We want to become B Corp

B Corps are companies that meet rigorous standards to make positive impact. B Corps actually live up to green claims.

You don't get this label overnight and the process takes time. The certification organisation B Lab not only assesses organisations on sustainability, but also on their impact on employees, customers and society.

We like the fact that the selection is so strict and we work hard behind the scenes to meet all the requirements.

First Ecoteers forest in the Netherlands in or before 2022

In the Netherlands we also want to start planting trees. We've already figured it out: it's harder than you think.

Land is expensive, there are many bureaucratic hurdles and ownership is fraught with risk. Close ties with the University of Groningen have already enabled us to tackle important issues. Time for the next phase!

We hope to plant the first tree this year. We are busy saving up and want to start as soon as possible.

Deadline (Ultimate): 31 December 2022

Read more about our services?

Our Projects

Ecoteers trees

Trees are at the heart of Ecoteers. We want to provide more trees in the Netherlands and abroad. We do this in two ways:

Linking services to an impact

If our services are linked to x number of trees. These trees are planted by reliable NGOs.

Buy your own land and plant trees

We are also busy planting our own trees in the Netherlands. For this, there are still important hurdles to overcome.

Sustainable start-ups

Organizations that are doing well, but don't have the budget for good marketing, can get help from us. For NGOs and green start-ups, anything is possible with us.

We like to put marketing to good use. These projects also give us as a team the motivation to continue what we are doing.

Green start-ups and NGOs can always contact us before purchasing a package through our website.

Ecoteers green pricing model

Any business or organization can get a discount from us if they are green, or making green changes.

With this we want to reward green organizations and encourage all other companies to make steps.

Through this pricing system, green innovations can be financed with the discount on our marketing packages.

Green team

We do everything we can to make progress together with our team. But in a positive way!

Our goal is to provide the entire team with local fruits & vegetables, a company bicycle, and a budget for green changes in their personal lives.

We do not expect everyone who joins us to have lived like a Buddhist monk. We do want to try and achieve goals together, both business and personal.

And you too can help

We want to involve as many people and organisations as possible in our plans. By becoming a customer of ours, you support an organization that wants to work with its customers towards a better future. We also need new Ecoteers to join our team. Do not hesitate and contact us, the coffee is ready.

Our Colleagues

Our Team

We offer different packages based on the required knowledge of our writers. We also work for a variety of clients in a wide range of sectors. At Ecoteers, we are therefore committed to a diverse team. Curious? Check out our colleagues!

Valuable partnerships

Want to join us?

Would you like to join us? Take a look at our vacancies page and see immediately if we have a suitable place for you in our team!