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On our online platform we try to reflect our philosophy as much as possible. The common thread running through the platform is therefore always sustainability. Our first and biggest project is currently EcoToday.

About EcoToday

EcoToday is the platform where we share content that shows people the latest opportunities in sustainability in an interesting, positive and informative way. What makes this platform unique is the neutral scientific tone that runs through all the articles. EcoToday is not an activist platform, but tries to inform only. We select the best information and articles in the field of sustainability.

Want to write for EcoToday?

Do you always follow the latest news on sustainability? And would you like to share this via one of our channels? Then you can always apply as a writer for EcoToday. We at Ecoteers are always looking for creative talent who can convey news in a positive way to the readers. More information about writing for EcoToday can be found at

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We are currently sharing our content through various channels. Besides the fact that all the news can always be found via our website. The news can also always be found on various socials, we are active on the following channels:

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