Ecoteers part of the Fenix project!

Ecoteers has joined the Fenix project. The project was set up to involve young talents in the energy transition. During the programme, trainees are involved in various small and medium-sized businesses to further develop their talents.

The energy transition

Energy transition is one of the most important aspects of the search for an economy without greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years. During the project the participating companies want to involve the younger generation in this transition.

The trainees go through a trajectory of half a year at the Fenix project. During this period they work on a project at three different SMEs. They are responsible for the end product and the development of new innovations. Throughout the period, they work closely with management. This way they also get to know the responsibilities they will face after the traineeship.

Personal and professional development

The course starts with an assessment. This way the trainees get an insight into the skills and knowledge they already have and the aspects they need to develop further. The trainees are assisted by a mentor. Together they look for opportunities to further develop their personal and professional skills.

At each company the trainees are closely involved in innovation and development of new products. This way, new knowledge is introduced into the companies and they benefit from the input that the high-potentials bring.

The cooperation between the SMEs creates a culture in which knowledge is shared between the companies. Thanks to this collaboration, it is possible to accelerate the energy transition with innovations and efficient solutions. Companies build a network at the same time, which offers new opportunities and possibilities.

Ecoteers is looking forward to this collaboration!

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