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Ensure better authority of your website and higher indexation of the content through our link building packages.

This is what we'll do

You need help writing and/or posting content. We can certainly help you with this. To make sure there are no surprises, we briefly explain what our plan of action is.

Looking at broken links

We’re going to start with a small scan. Here we can see how many backlinks there already are and where they come from. Through this scan we can also see which ”broken links” your domain has. These can often be repaired via a simple route and small fix.

Backlink plan

After this we will look together which pages on your website could use some extra attention. Often mailing partners is already good for a lot of ”free links”. Of course we will help you with this step as well. At the same time, we are going to make a plan for the links we are going to place for you.

Monthly update

We will give you a monthly update of the links we have placed. In the case of guest blogs, we can also analyse the traffic generated by this link.

What we offer

Our subscription packages

The amount of backlinks and the type of backlink is very dependent on what you would like to achieve. That’s why we offer both packages and individual backlinks. This makes it easy for you to choose something that fits the purpose.

Plant Package

Ideal kick-start to your website
300 monthly
  • 5 home page links
  • 1 good quality backlink guest blog (DA higher than 20)
  • We write guest blog for you
  • Want to write your own guest blog? Then 25 euro discount on your package
  • Scan for broken links
  • Monthly update of the backlinks
  • Help finding free links with your partners
  • Available on a monthly basis

Tree Package

Bet heavily on your domain
600 monthly
  • 10 home page links
  • 2 good quality backlink guest blog (DA higher than 20)
  • We write guest blogs for you
  • Want to write guest blogs yourself? Then 50 euro discount on your package
  • Scan for broken links
  • Monthly update of the backlinks
  • Help finding free links with your partners
  • Available on a monthly basis

Forest Package

For the big players
900 monthly
  • 20 home page links
  • 4 high quality backlink guest blog (DA higher than 20)
  • We write guest blogs for you
  • Want to write guest blogs yourself? Then 100 euro discount on your package
  • Scan for broken links
  • Monthly update of the backlinks
  • Help finding free links with your partners
  • Available on a monthly basis

Doing business sustainably together

Valuable partnerships

Sustainability is not just about planting trees and making green decisions. We aspire to build sustainable collaborations with our partners. We do this in the following ways:

We share our knowledge

Selling is for us something that should come naturally. Helping our customers is therefore paramount. We first look at what is possible within our client’s network. Then there is no need to ”waste” budget on new backlinks.

Promoting sustainability with a discount

We hope that in the coming years our customers will commit themselves to a greener world. It is not just a matter of hope, because we even want to offer a discount.

We want to become more sustainable together with our partners, which is why we offer discounts if targets are met.

The Green Pricing Model: a price based on sustainability & ability to pay

At Ecoteers, we operate a special circular pricing system. We are happy to explain what this means!

Sustainability & Carrying capacity

Because we believe that some organizations deserve an extra boost, we offer all kinds of possibilities if you work for an NGO or sustainable start-up. If we support the aims of these organisations, we are prepared to make concessions on prices.

Do you have a sustainable organisation or do you work at a sustainable organisation? Do not buy a package right away, but contact us first. We’d love to get into a conversation to see where we can help.

Our Link Building Team

Who is going to help you with a good backlink strategy? Here are a few members of our Link Building team who would like to introduce themselves to you.

How can we help you?

    What can we help you with?

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    3527 GA, Utrecht

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    Knowledge should be shared

    Our knowledge base

    We like to share our knowledge. That’s why you’ll find articles about the latest trends in online marketing in our knowledge base. Take a look at all our blogs about sustainable business, link building and the importance of a good SEO strategy.

    Why link building?

    What is link building?

    Link building is a way to increase the number of references (so-called backlinks) to a website. Because of this, search engines like Google rate the website higher in the search results. You could see this kind of referral or backlink as a vote for your website.

    The more websites vote for your site, (i.e. refer to your website) and the stronger the quality of these websites is, the more likely Google is to rank your website higher. Google sees a website with many quality “votes” (backlinks) as valuable.

    Why is link building so important?

    Link building is especially important if there is a lot of competition on the subject of your website. This makes it very difficult to attract visitors to your website. You can be so good at SEO, if every day 200,000 visitors on your keywords are googling, it takes a lot of time and money to end up on the first page of the search results.

    But by collecting referrals from good quality web pages to your own website, the content on your site will be better appreciated, and therefore more visible in the search engine.

    So creating a good external link profile with quality backlinks from other sites is very important for a high ranking within the search results.


    How can you place backlinks?

    Placing a link yourself is not difficult, that’s just a link from your website to another website. The difficulty of linkbuiding is getting the right link from the right party to your website.

    You are dependent on a third party to refer to you. In addition, you usually have no influence on how the backlink is placed. After all, you want the backlinks to be placed in the most valuable SEO way so that search engines can immediately see clearly what your reference is about. In the ideal scenario, this link meets all the factors to rank: the right keywords and alt tags, the right content and much more.

    What are the different types of backlinks?

    There are backlinks of all different kinds. Here are some of the most important ones:

    • Directory links

    Directories are pages with a collection of links. Often a directory is focused on one topic, but in some cases it can also be a kind of web guide with only links to other sites. These are then subdivided by subject or category. The most famous example of this is Directory links are easy to create as backlinks, but provide little value to the external link profile. This is mainly because, apart from the collection of links, there is not much content on it.

    • Partner page links

    Websites often mention which partner companies they work with or which well-known companies are clients. In that case, valuable backlinks have been placed from the partner page to the relevant partners.

    • In-content links

    In-content links are the links that are often in the middle of a text. For example, blog articles often contain an external link to a relevant website that elaborates on the topic of the blog article. For the external link profile of your website, in-content links are often the most valuable backlinks. The more relevant the referenced website is, the more valuable the backlink becomes. Especially frequently visited websites that are clearly an authority in the area your blog article is about, give a lot of value to the website it links to.

    • Image links

    Images can also be used to link to a website. Image links use relevant text in the alt text. It has less value than an in-content link. These are the most well-known backlink methods, but there are many other clever methods that the SEO specialists at Ecoteers use to incorporate backlinks into your website.

    What does quality link building entail?

    Years ago, Google only took the number of backlinks into account as a determining factor for the ranking. So if you referred to as many websites as possible, that could already improve your search score – regardless of relevance. These days, Google’s rating system is a lot smarter. Now, not only is the quantity of links considered, but also the quality and authority of the external link profile.

    There are 3 main factors that determine the quality of links:

    • Authority of the backlink

    The authority of the referenced website is very important in link building and therefore plays a major role in the ranking of websites and individual pages. Does a website or certain page get a lot of link value from external websites? This is a good indication for a search engine like Google that the content on the website is of good quality. In the long run, this also indicates within the Google algorithm that the domain has a certain authority. Google then incorporates this into its own PageRank algorithm. A page that is marked as an authority therefore has a greater chance of achieving a good ranking.

    • Relevance of the backlink

    The link value assigned to a backlink depends on the authority of the external website, but also on the relevance of the referring website. If an online pet store links to the website of a cat or dog food manufacturer, this is a good quality backlink for this manufacturer. In this case, it is a backlink to a website that is relevant to one’s own website. This backlink is worth more in Google’s ranking than when this link comes from a blog about cycling or from a directory link like Startpagina.

    • Uniqueness of the backlink

    The links to your website should come from different websites, preferably hosted on different IP addresses. The more unique and varied the backlinks are, the better this is for the external link profile of your website.

    What are good and bad backlinks?

    The best backlinks come from websites that are relevant to your site and rank high in Google. The worst backlinks are links where Google can clearly see that you are deliberately link building, which can have a negative impact on the position of your website. It is also very important to regularly check your site for new backlinks. Check if the new backlinks come from good and reliable websites so you can take action if necessary.

    Content is key – also in link building

    In terms of SEO, backlinks and link building are incredibly important. For both business sites and webshops, it is good to always generate backlinks actively. The best way to generate good backlinks is to continuously post rock solid content yourself that other people love to share.

    Why outsource link building to Ecoteers?

    It takes a large amount of time, knowledge, creativity and right connections to tackle link building properly. Outsourcing link building to people who specialize in it is therefore a good idea. But why should you outsource your link building to Ecoteers?

    Always good content on your website thanks to Ecoteers’ experienced copywriters

    If your website has good content on a regular basis that people want to share, you’ll need to be much less concerned with backlinking. This is automatically built up by people who are enthusiastic about what is on your website, and then share it themselves!

    The copywriters at Ecoteers are trained to write great content that is often shared on social media. You can check out the different copywriting packages for this. After a few months of delivering good content, link building may even become unnecessary!

    Knowledge, creativity and connections

    Our people have accumulated years of experience in link building, SEA and other SEO work. We can then incorporate this knowledge into your website and the link building to it. The SEO specialists at Ecoteers are heavily involved in link building and therefore have already built up a large database with all kinds of connections. Because of this, there is always a website that is suitable for content with a link to your website.

    Sustainable link building

    Because we have many customers and connections in the field of sustainability, we have already built a large network. If you outsource your link building to Ecoteers, your company will also be part of this network, which will put you in touch with interesting parties in the field of sustainability.

    In addition, for us sustainability is more than just a green layer. Ecoteers strives to have a real positive impact on the world. Most of the services we use ourselves are known for their sustainability.

    At Ecoteers, we are committed to fighting climate change. That is why we are fully committed to sustainable initiatives. Follow our website for upcoming new initiatives in the field of sustainability and environment.

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