How to find the best tone of voice for your organisation

Tone of voice – a term that marketers, copywriters and other professionals use regularly. After all, it’s important that you address your target audience in an appropriate way when writing content. So find out which tone of voice suits your organisation best to get the most out of your articles and web pages.

Tone of voice meaning

You may have seen the term ‘tone of voice’ before. But what is actually meant by this? Literally translated, tone of voice means “tone of voice” because it’s about the way you address people.

Components of tone of voice

The tone of voice can be divided into several factors. Only when you understand each of these components can you find the right tone of voice step-by-step. This is because it involves a way of speaking or writing that takes into account the following components:

  1. Brand personality
  2. Objective
  3. Target group
  4. Platform
Tone of Voice Factors - Ecoteers
Always base your tone of voice on your brand personality, objective, target audience and platform

1. Brand personality

Whether it’s a web page or blog post, make sure you always write from your brand personality – aka brand tone of voice. This way you ensure that the tone of voice of all your content is consistent and people can get a better idea of what your organisation stands for. If you address people one time with ‘you’ and the next time with ‘your’, it is difficult for them to become familiar with your brand or organisation.

Unique Selling Point

The best thing would be if your brand tone of voice propagates the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your organization. Think about what makes your brand or company unique and align the writing style of all your content with this. This way, your target audience will find out who you are and what you stand for while reading.

Perhaps your company has a lot of status and more expertise than the competition. In that case, jargon, neat language and a serious tone is recommended. However, like us, do you want to promote sustainability in an accessible way? Then an enthusiastic way of writing that is not too complicated will fit better.

USP brand personality - Ecoteers
Ask yourself what your organization stands for and how you want to carry this out

2. Objective

Before you start writing your webpage or article, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with this content. Do you want to inspire or inform people – or is the goal to make them buy something after reading your content? Keep this goal in mind all the time because there is an optimal tone of voice for every goal.

3. Target group

For whom is the text intended? This is entirely consistent with the objective of your content because you should always have a target audience in mind for a particular purpose. Are you writing an article that informs high school students or are you hoping to convince consumers within a specific industry to buy your product?

Finding your target audience is an important part of your strategy and can be found using buyer personas. Every target group and buyer’s persona has a different preference of addressing. Try to figure out which chord from each of these groups you need to strike to get the message across.

Think about who your target audience is in advance so you can adapt the tone of voice to them.

4. Platform

Think about what platform you will use to share your content. Are you writing a page for your own website or want to create a blog to share via social media? Again, this depends very much on the target group as different people use the various platforms. Where you don’t readily address people with ‘you’ on Facebook, this might suit the people visiting your website better.

The 4 dimensions

There are 4 dimensions that together determine the actual tone of voice:

  • Humor
  • Formality
  • Respect
  • Enthusiasm

Each of the 4 dimensions have different degrees. They look like this:

4 Dimensions Tone of Voice - Ecoteers
The 4 dimensions of tone of voice determine the tone of your content

Why tone of voice is important

For both web pages and blogs, you need to use the right tone of voice to appeal to your target audience. If the 4 dimensions don’t align with the factors of tone of voice, then you won’t achieve the goal of your content. This is obviously a waste of time and effort!

Tone of voice examples

If you ever order anything online, you’ve probably come across ads on social media. is now known for the playful way in which they respond to current events. They know how to portray their products in a unique way by using word jokes.

This tone of voice fits the USP of the company and cannot be used by just anyone. Just imagine what the “clientele” of a law firm would think of this strategy … Therefore, never just copy the tone of voice of another organization but ask for advice when in doubt.

Sphere playful social media
Bol uses her tone of voice to create playful social media messages

Need help finding your tone of voice?

Could you use some help finding the best tone of voice for your organisation? We like to brainstorm together about how to reach your target group. If you find content writing difficult at all, we’d love to help you out with seo copywriting and social media management. Please contact us to discuss all possibilities.

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