What should you pay attention to in order to have an affordable website built?

A website is your online business card. It is therefore important that the website radiates what you want and also appeals to the right target group. This is not as simple as it may seem, which is why many organizations outsource the creation of a website. You can have a quality, yet affordable website built. In this article we explain why this is interesting and what you should pay attention to.

The importance of a good website

Visitors to your website base their first impression almost entirely on the design. It is therefore not the content of the text that is important, but the image. A recognizable design can create trust in the organization and that gives the website visitor a relaxed feeling.

A good website increases conversion rates: the percentage of visitors who take action. That could be purchasing a product or filling out your contact form. The design of for example the buttons on your website can double the conversion rate.

The speed of your website is also crucial. When a website takes too long to load, visitors drop out and that’s a missed opportunity. Nowadays, almost half of the website visits come from mobile devices, where people are used to everything going fast. A slow or non-mobile-friendly website is a real turn-off.

In short, a good website can mean the difference between a profitable or loss-making business. If you want to be assured of a good website, it may be wise to choose for an affordable website builder.

The advantages of having a website made

Having an affordable website built has many advantages, which we list here.

Quality guaranteed

While you may be able to cobble together a website yourself, the question is how it’s technically put together. You run the risk of building a website with little knowledge that is chaos at the back end. Google’s bots can’t read the source code of your site and so you won’t be shown quickly in search results. Professional website builders make sure your website is easy to read by Google.

If you choose to build an affordable website, you will benefit from the broader knowledge of web developers. They often know how to put together a website so that it not only looks good, but is also easily found in Google. In addition, they pay attention to optimizing the conversion rates and the speed of the website. This is crucial in order to prevent your visitors from dropping out before they have read even a single letter on your website.


Another advantage of having an affordable website built is that adjustments or extensions are easy to implement. The webdeveloper should build the website in such a way that you can do this yourself, or have this done for you when you need it in the future. If you build the website yourself, you run the risk that it is already at its limits or that it is not flexible enough to grow with your organization. When you have your website built by a professional, you can always fall back on the creator, who knows exactly what is possible.

In addition, you are not alone when there are problems on your website. For technical support, you can usually contact the company that built the website. This way you are assured of a well-functioning website, also in the future.


Of course it also saves time when you outsource the building of the website. You’ll probably have to put in a lot of time, which you might not enjoy if it’s not your sport. A web developer already has the necessary knowledge and skills and doesn’t have to figure these things out. Moreover, you can continue to focus on your core business: what you do best and what is worth the most time.

Financially Feasible

When you want to go for an affordable website build, you will discover that there are plenty of options. That’s why there are widely divergent prices for having a website built. A webdeveloper can show you exactly what all the possibilities are. Then you choose how advanced your website should be, tailored to your needs and financial possibilities. That way it stays affordable.

What should I look for if I want to build an affordable website?

Finally, we’ll give you a few tips on what to look out for when outsourcing your website building.

Make sure it is clear to the builder of the website who your target audience is and what look you want to have. Think about this in advance, as most web developers will ask about this as well. So give enough baggage to be able to translate your identity into an online business card. As said, the first impression of your website is crucial.

Discuss SEO and conversion optimization with the company where you want to have an affordable website built and check the level of specialization in this. Avoid investing in a website that only looks good, but is hardly visited. After all, you want your newly designed website to pay off.

A website also needs a domain name. Always keep in mind that the domain names you want to manage are in your own possession and not in that of the website builder.

Finally: you can have an affordable website built today, but you also want to enjoy it in the future. Discuss the possibilities regarding modifications and expansions of your website after it has been built for you.

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