What is the Municipality of Utrecht doing about sustainability?

The Municipality of Utrecht is actively working on sustainability in several areas. At the moment, the development of sustainable transport, a reduction in fossil energy sources and the creation of a healthy living environment are key issues. Utrecht wants to achieve the climate goals as quickly as possible.

Green energy in Utrecht

Utrecht’s energy consumption is currently largely dependent on fossil fuels. However, the municipality hopes to stop using natural gas soon, because ultimately Utrecht wants to become climate-neutral. This cannot be done overnight, so the municipality is slowly phasing out fossil fuels by deploying more sustainable options. Think of solar panels, biomass plants and geothermal energy. The last two options are still being investigated by the municipality on their feasibility and safety. Together with energy supplier Eneco, the municipality of Utrecht is also looking at options for sustainable district heating.

Subsidies for residents of Utrecht

To encourage residents to do sustainable business from home, the Municipality of Utrecht has made various subsidies available. For example, residents can receive a subsidy for a solar boiler.There is no subsidy for solar panels for individual residents. Nevertheless, when several residents work together and start talking to each other, it is possible to have a subsidized solar energy installation. Residents of the municipality of Utrecht can also receive a subsidy if a sustainable energy specialist visits their home and provides advice and information on the best options for making the home more sustainable. In addition, the municipality provides subsidies for the construction of a green roof. For an extensive overview of sustainability subsidies for entrepreneurs in the Municipality of Utrecht, please read more.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Utrecht

Sustainable entrepreneurs are also entitled to various subsidies to make the sustainability of their business even more attractive. We have written an extensive article about this, read more about these business subsidies within and outside the municipality of Utrecht here.

The Municipality of Utrecht is also an active participant in the Global Goals, a phenomenon set up by 193 member states of the United Nations. In total, the action plan consists of seventeen goals to be achieved by 2030. To achieve this, it is important that as many people as possible are aware of these goals and are committed to them. The Municipality of Utrecht therefore encourages sustainable entrepreneurs who are in line with the Global Goals in various ways. Read more about it here.

Green and electric transport

To reduce CO2 and make Utrecht a sustainable municipality, all buses must be electric as soon as possible. Residents are also encouraged to purchase electric cars. Through various campaigns and the installation of enough charging points, Utrecht hopes to persuade residents to make a more economical choice of transport. Of course it is also very important that people do not use their cars unnecessarily, which is why Utrecht is working on wide and pleasant cycle and footpaths throughout the city. In 2015, a comprehensive report was adopted with several Utrechters, covering all sustainable goals related to renewable energy.

Municipality of Utrecht sustainability: Circular economy

Utrecht is striving to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050 to put an end to the current linear economy. This means that residual waste will no longer exist but will be a starting point for the production of energy and other things. So this goes one step further than recycling, where you often still have waste left over. In a circular economy, everything is reused. The remains of demolished houses can be used to construct new buildings. However, for all of this to be possible, it is very important that companies bring sustainable and natural products to the market in order to reduce the step towards a circular economy. That is why Utrecht wants to encourage companies that are working on this.

Only together can you create a sustainable city

Improving sustainability is important no matter what. The Municipality of Utrecht and sustainability have therefore gone hand in hand for the past few years. Utrecht is of course one city among many in the Netherlands, and the Netherlands one among many countries in the world. However, the targets set in Utrecht are crucial. After all, Utrecht also inspires others to do sustainable business. If everyone works towards this, we will eventually achieve a green and fair future. Both residents and companies are of great importance in making the city more sustainable. So read up on the various sustainability subsidies and see which sustainable options are right for your business and home. Think about your lifestyle and think about how you can make it more sustainable and thus reduce CO2 emissions!

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