Sustainable job vacancies: how, what and where?

The number of sustainable jobs is rising rapidly and this brings with it an increase in sustainable vacancies. However, it is important to look in the right place and to remain critical. How do you determine whether a job is sustainable? What are the requirements to get hired for a sustainable job? And where can you find green jobs?

What is a sustainable job?

A sustainable job contributes positively to nature, people and/or animals in the long term. In times of climate change, green jobs are very much needed. To assess the sustainability of a job, the focus is mainly on the company, rather than on the specific work tasks. For example, if you join a sustainable startup and take on the PR, you already have a more sustainable job. After all, you’re supporting a sustainable business and helping it grow, and so the professional sector is ultimately filled with green businesses. Although PR’s tasks are not necessarily directly related to sustainability, ultimately they are indirectly.

So the step to a sustainable job does not always have to be a big one. Of course you can decide to change course and go into politics for example, or take a course on sustainability and ecology to make a career switch. However, even smaller changes can have a major impact on the environment.

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Find sustainable jobs

There are several websites that list green jobs. This way, sustainable companies easily find employees who take green ideals seriously. The two main sustainable job boards are Green Jobs and Duurzaam Ondernemen.

Also, you can always call sustainable institutions to get more information about a particular position and about the company’s connection to sustainability. Not every company immediately posts a vacancy with a (sustainable) job board. It can therefore also be useful to keep an eye on the social media channels and the vacancy pages. This is where the vacancies are often posted first.

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If you can’t find suitable jobs, there are still opportunities. If there is a shortage of sustainable options in a certain area, it is also possible to start your own business and fill the gap in the market. In addition, you can also contact a company to urge them to perform the current job sustainably. This way you create your own sustainable place and probably have more control as well.

Beware of Greenwashing when looking for sustainable jobs

However, it is important to remain critical in the search for a green profession. The term sustainable is easily used without strong evidence or environmentally friendly plans but purely to attract people. This is also known as greenwashing. Therefore, take a close look at a company’s actions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. Where and how does the company produce the goods? What is the mission of the company? What definitive actions are they taking to improve the planet, and how big is their impact compared to their own?

Getting hired for a green company?

Read the sustainable job posting carefully and see what common ground you share with the company and the position. It is crucial to indicate that you consider sustainability important and to explain why. This will always work to your advantage when applying to a company, whether it is sustainable or not (yet). Start the search online right away and check out the sustainable job boards for inspiration. Stay critical during the search, because actions speak louder than words.

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