Sustainable business examples

To get a better understanding of sustainable business, studying examples is important. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often essential to a company’s commercial success, so moving to a more sustainable business is always a good choice. This article lists some examples of sustainable businesses to inspire you.

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Sustainable business examples

From grey to green parking spaces: The Ampera Park

The Ampera Park is based in Enschede, but operates throughout the Netherlands. This green company installs solar carports on Dutch parking lots to generate green energy to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The parking lot turns into a sustainable and multifunctional place, because after the addition of solar carports you transform the parking lot into an energy source. Cars can conveniently park under the large solar panels and thus be covered. As a result, the parking lot is gaining in prestige. Owners of a green car park also save a lot of money. On the website of Ampera Park you can calculate the approximate amount for your parking space.

MacLeasy for a durable MacBook

MacLeasy, located in the Social Impact Factory, offers sustainable repairs for your Macbook. They do this by repairing Macbooks with damage quickly and thoroughly, and also offer a two-year warranty. This means people are less likely to buy a new laptop and more likely to get the most out of their Mac. Even in the event of severe damage, Macleasy will take care of it within one working day. You can also trade in your Mac at Macleasy for another used or refurbished Macbook to avoid buying a new one. This process will eventually slow down the production of new laptops and thus MacLeasy contributes to sustainable development.

The ecological gift boxes from Zustainabox

Zustainabox is a sustainable business that fills boxes with sustainable goods and delivers them to your door. They all offer different subscriptions and boxes: Think of a one-off gift for a birthday, a sustainable Christmas gift for businesses or just handy gadgets for the home. The contents of the box are often secret because Zustainabox buys the filling from local sustainable businesses. Also, the secrecy makes for an even bigger reveal that people can really look forward to. The boxes are delivered in a green way, namely with electric cars or simply by bike. Zustainabox also invests in the creation of forests to compensate for the company’s remaining CO2 emissions. All the products in the Zustainabox are ecologically sound and natural. In this way they want to show people how pleasant and cheap sustainable products are. In this way, the green company hopes to influence as many people as possible to make more sustainable choices.

De Buren Afhaalcentrum B.V.

At De Buren, customers can pick up, ship and store their packages at pickup points. These pickup points look like lockers and can be opened with a unique QR code. This also means that no staff is required. This company contributes to sustainability because the flow of parcels can be better centralised and therefore less transport is needed. Because the collection points are spread throughout the country, people can always find a collection centre nearby and can easily get there by bike. This innovative concept reduces CO2 emissions, which are normally quite high in this sector, by means of transport and makes sending and receiving parcels accessible.

Forbo, Snackbar van de Toekomst, The Yoghurt Barn and Kipster

Need more examples of sustainability, CSR companies and sustainable products? Read here about four successful green Dutch companies. These companies were recently named the most sustainable companies in the Netherlands in 2020 by Stichting Nederland CO2 Neutraal and the public.

Sustainable marketing at Ecoteers

At Ecoteers, we also try to contribute to a sustainable future by offsetting work and helping sustainable start-ups at a discounted rate. In this way, we contribute to the growth of sustainable businesses in order to ultimately green the economic sector and make it ready for the future. Read more about our services here and see what we can do for you.

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