Social Impact Factory Utrecht and Amsterdam

The Social Impact Factory (SIF) in Utrecht and Amsterdam gives starting sustainable and socially responsible companies the space and network to grow and make a positive contribution to society. You can rent meeting, study and event rooms at the SIF locations in Utrecht and Amsterdam. It is also easy to get in touch with like-minded companies and sponsors with whom the SIF works. The possibilities at SIF are not limited to work sites. The Social Impact Factory also offers various programs, courses and outings to prepare starting entrepreneurs for the future.

Achieve the Global Goals

The seventeen Global Goals often recur in the story of the SIF. These goals are set out in the United Nations agenda and must be achieved by 2030. Contemporary issues, ranging from climate change to economic and social inequality, are firmly addressed in the goals. Think of access to education for all, sustainable living environments and no more poverty.

The SIF places particular emphasis on goal seventeen: Partnership for the goals. In fact, the SIF offers a promising and fruitful working environment that facilitates collaboration to ultimately achieve the goals together. Companies that want to make a positive impact on society are therefore welcome to join the SIF as members.

The Network is included

The network of the SIF is large and makes it accessible for members to build their own network. The partners of the SIF are, among others, Gemeente Utrecht, The School of Life, Oranje Fonds, MVO Nederland and Alfa Accountants. However, there are many more, click here to view all partners. But also with members of the SIF you can socialize and brainstorm about possible solutions and projects. During a work break you can easily meet new people and expand your network.

What does the Social Impact Factory offer exactly?

At the SIF you can rent company and meeting rooms through different subscriptions. It is also possible to reserve a flexiworkplace. So you can also work individually, as a student or as an entrepreneur. The SIF in Utrecht is located next to the central station, at Vredenburg 40. The entrance is located at the café de Utrechter, where one can have meetings, organize events or get lunch while working. The location in Amsterdam is on the NDSM wharf on the other side of the IJ river. Both locations are equipped with all modern conveniences, such as free coffee and tea, good wifi connections and modern facilities.

In addition to the above locations, the SIF also offers various programs, which usually take several months to complete. Companies, organizations, but also young people can participate and in this way gain knowledge about social entrepreneurship, form a network and eventually build something valuable. For information on current programs, click here.

Experience of Ecoteers at the Social Impact Factory Utrecht

Since 1 July 2020, Ecoteers rents workplaces at the Social Impact Factory Utrecht. The workplaces of the Social Impact Factory Utrecht are clean and light and the meeting rooms look welcoming and neat. So it’s easy to receive clients and go into a meeting undisturbed. In addition, the location in the heart of Utrecht next to the central station is very practical, both for us and for our clients. Despite the corona crisis and the resulting reduced activity within the SIF, we have already been able to network well. For example, we started a partnership with kromkommer, a company that makes crooked vegetables trendy again by offering education and teaching materials. The ultimate goal is to reduce food waste. Read more about sustainable partnerships here.

The world is changing and there is an increasing demand for companies that have their heart in the right place and act from a social standpoint. The SIF offers these companies the opportunity to develop further. Click here to see how you can participate. After all, there are plenty of sustainable options!

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