Five tips for active and sustainable company outings

Sustainable companies need sustainable company outings. These outings are crucial to foster collaboration and atmosphere. During active staff outings, the team spirit blossoms, people get to know each other in a different way and the overall bond is strengthened. However, a sustainable company outing does not take place at the expense of nature, and this is fundamental to reinforcing the ideals of your sustainable business. In addition, colleagues will end the day with a satisfied feeling. Get inspired and read about five active staff outings that are all in the context of sustainability here.

1. Fishing plastic out of the canal

In a number of large cities in the Netherlands it is possible to fish plastic out of the canal. With the work team you can discover the canals and architecture of the city from the water and have a nice chat. During the activity, employees will also be informed about the plastic soup, its consequences and possible solutions.

If your company is in for a challenge and the weather is good, the plastic fishing can be done from asup. During the paddling you train your arms but also your balance, and so everyone is actively in motion. For some extra comfort it is also possible to do the fishing from a boat. The boat is made of previously caught plastic to give a good example of what can be done with the waste.

2. Into the tree

In several forests in the Netherlands are climbing parks where one travels from tree to tree by means of cableways, ladders, bridges and ropes. Colleagues are exercising and surrounded by fresh air. In addition, the team building as you help each other with obstacles and work together to the end of the trail. Climbing parks also often offer packages in which colleagues have to carry out assignments in order to solve mysteries. This takes place both from the trees and from the ground.

These activities in the forest are sustainable because all materials are reused and the forest is affected as little as possible. In addition, your team will enjoy the beautiful nature, which is of great importance in order to continue working motivated towards a sustainable future the next day.

In the region Utrecht you have Klimbos Zeist.

3. Educational trip: Discover the fortress on the Ruigenhoekse Dijk

This sustainable company outing takes place just outside Utrecht. The fort on the Ruigenhoekse Dijk was built at the end of the nineteenth century and has a rich history. During this staff outing you will get to know nature and go for a nice walk. In addition, a guide will tell you about the fort and the surrounding area to enrich the walk with knowledge and facts. This outing is relatively inexpensive, as well as sporty and relaxing. In addition to this outing, depending on the size of the group and the weather, it may be an idea to organize a picnic in nature to continue the outing in a pleasant way.

4. Raise money for a sustainable charity

A sustainable company outing is also possible from a large city. During this outing in Amsterdam you can use a scavenger hunt to raise money for a good cause, such as the WWF or AAP Foundation. The work team is divided into several groups who set off with a tablet to compete for their chosen charity. The bustling city center is the playing area, and here you can search for clues and score points. The winning team can eventually donate the cash prize to charity. This company outing is not only sustainable because you explore the city on foot, but a charity that is committed to a better world will also receive a nice donation.

5. Discovering the dunes of Schoorl on a Segway

During this green outing the work team can discover the dune landscape of Schoorl on a Segway. The Segway is a sustainable means of transport as it is electric, consumes little energy and makes almost no noise. With the whole company you can enjoy the salty sea air and discover the flora and fauna of Schoorl. The Segways have sand tyres which makes it easy to manoeuvre, despite the hills and sandy ground.

It may be that Schoorl is a little too far. However, the Forestry Commission offers various sustainable outings in just about every province in the Netherlands. There is a wide range of sustainable company outings at dozens of locations with different types of activities. Click here to see which company outings Staatsbosbeheer offers in your area.

Which sustainable business events are right for your company?

With these five sustainable company outings, green entrepreneurs can brainstorm on a suitable outing that also ties in nicely with the ideology of the company. This way, employees can end the outing feeling satisfied and good about themselves, and get back to work inspiring others to act sustainably.

Find out how to create a greener and more sustainable workplace to complete the picture of the sustainable business.

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