Achieve more with a social media content plan: how do you do it?

Almost every organization is active on social media these days. But how do you decide what to post, when to post it and what it’s about? If you want to project a consistent image of your company, it pays to think about this beforehand. You can do that through a social media content plan. In this article, we’ll discuss what a social media content plan is and how to set it up.

What is a social media content plan?

The name says it all: a social media content plan is a schedule of the content you post on social media. It is an overview of the coming period with what you want to post on which social media platform and when. Measurable goals are also sometimes integrated into a social media content plan. Such a plan often comes in the form of a calendar, because it’s about planning content over the longer term.

What’s the point of a social media content plan?

Because social media is so integrated into life today, you may have a tendency to post mostly on all social media platforms. However, it is important to think out your content strategy and plan well and present your brand consistently on social media.

If you randomly post when it occurs to you, you’re not taking into account the optimal time to post something on social media. And when you don’t plan, social media posts are not tailored to the target audience and not the type of content that best suits each platform. This is detrimental, as irrelevant content is one of the reasons people unfollow a company on social media.

A social media content plan is the solution to this and helps prevent you from posting irrelevant content or content that gets little attention. A social media content plan helps to keep a balance in the type of content you post: sometimes humorous, sometimes useful facts and then an update on your company for example. All in all, this creates more social media engagement. In addition, a social media content plan is easy for employees to use, because it clearly shows what type of content can be posted and when.

How to create a social media content plan?

To take advantage of the benefits of a social media content plan, you can outsource social media. However, if you want to do it yourself, the following tips are useful to take into account when creating a content plan.

Target group and core message per platform

Take a look at your organisation’s target group and determine which social media platforms are best for reaching them. How do they behave on the different platforms? Then think about what you want to project as a company on social media. It works well if you formulate a core message that you would like to convey. Write these for each platform in your social media content plan: the core message is leading in what is posted.

Guidelines for tone and content

The target audience and core message per platform are the basis of your social media content plan. To ensure that this is adhered to, it is wise to set up concrete guidelines for both the tone of your messages and the content. Chances are several of your colleagues are posting on social media. By defining a house style and tone of voice for your social media content plan in advance, you will come across consistently and that will stick. For example, think about informality and how you respond to consumers.

In addition to the tone and look of your on social media, a social media content plan also allows you to establish the ideal time and frequency of posts per platform. This way, everyone in your organization who works on social media can see at a glance how best to post. Finally, guidelines for the format of a social media post belong to each platform. On Facebook the combination of text and videos works, on Instagram as little text as possible and mainly photo and video material, and on LinkedIn more professional text with possibly images is effective.


To bring structure to posts, you can choose to define themes in the social media content plan. For example, research what five topics are relevant to your organization and what you want to post about regularly. Then you can schedule one theme each week and keep variety in your posts.

Instead of content themes, you can also create categories for your posts like useful facts, current events, customers and updates from your business. In your social media plan, you can schedule how often each category is covered and when. This way you keep variety in this too.

Decide how you want to organize the content of your social media posts. Whether it is by theme or by category depends on your organization. In any case, recording and planning in a social media content plan helps to keep a balance in your content.

Getting started with the social media content plan

These tips will get you started on setting up your social media content plan. By planning ahead, you’ll increase the quality of your posts so that they help you achieve your goals. Do you want to outsource social media? See what we can do for your organization and contact us directly!

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