How do you write SEO friendly texts?

When there are SEO friendly texts on your website, you realize a better position on Google. It’s all about the content: it must be of good quality and contain important SEO terms. But how do you make a text SEO-friendly?

The text scores better in search engines when you focus on one keyword, instead of 4 different keywords. Then you are competing within your own text and the relevance of your page for each individual keyword is reduced.

Position of search terms

In addition, it is important to look at the position of the SEO search term. The further to the front a word appears, the better it scores in search engines. So it is important to use the keyword you want to score on in the first paragraph of your text. It pays to bold that search term once. Also, the use of headings containing the search term, makes the text more SEO friendly.

Balance is crucial for SEO

But that’s not all. SEO friendly texts contain the keyword multiple times in different places. Care should be taken because stuffing the text with that one keyword won’t work. Google is aware of this and it will worsen the position of your page. Moreover, a text does not read well when it is full of the same term. Search engines are smart enough to recognize the SEO search term when it is used in a sentence. A verb in a different form or other words between the search term are no problem. It makes the text more natural and therefore more SEO friendly.

Enriching with media

Finally, the text becomes more SEO friendly when you add media. Think of images, videos, polls and infographics that support the bare text. Few people will read a long piece of text, but they will view images or videos faster. This makes the text more readable and valuable, which Google recognizes and then rewards with a higher position.

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