5 Tips for SEO focused writing

Content is key. It has been clear for years that in order to rank high in search engines, content plays a crucial role. Exactly which points are important has changed greatly over the years. It used to be possible to get higher on Google by using a certain word extremely often. Nowadays, logarithms of the search engines are smarter and penalize this kind of texts by giving a lower ranking. In this article we will give you 5 tips to make sure your website will rank higher in search engines.

1. Write a natural text

Performing a keyword analysis is of course always a good idea. It is also definitely helpful in finding the right themes that the content should be about. However, don’t let the keywords be the main focus of the text. It is important that you write as if you were writing to a close friend. You will see that visitors will stay longer on your website.

It is always better for readability to write a text as naturally as possible. Afterwards you can check whether the keywords are sufficiently present in the text. You’ll see that in many cases the keywords are already well covered in the text. If not, you can always add them later.

2. Determine the target group of the text

Before you write a text, you should clearly determine which target group you want to reach with your text. By mapping out the interests of your target audience you can start writing in a more targeted way. Finding the right search terms for this target group is also a lot easier this way. For example, if you have a webshop that sells ecological shampoo, then you should try to find out what your target audience is searching for. A good understanding of your target audience is going to significantly improve your findability on Google.

3. Enlist the help of a specialist

A good tactic in the field of SEO can be worth nothing in no time. This is because Google’s bots are getting smarter and smarter about logarithms and assessing texts on new criteria. It is therefore important that your SEO strategy remains up-to-date. It is therefore recommended that you consult an external or internal SEO specialist who can update you on the latest requirements for your content. If there is a budget for it, it is of course even better to have all your content written by a specialist.

4. Use a search engine friendly URL

Using codes in a URL is a shame because you can use the URL to get higher on Google. If you run a website that sells ecological shampoo then you should use the following URL for your blog:


and don’t:


This is a pretty easy tip to apply, and yet many organizations don’t do it. By organizing your website in a clear way, you make it easier for your visitors but also for the search engines.

5. Create a content calendar

A common problem for organizations is that they post content irregularly. Often there is the ambition to keep up a blog on a weekly or monthly basis, but in reality little comes of it. This is of course a missed opportunity because the competition has overtaken your organization in the rankings. To avoid this, you can use a content calendar. It clearly shows when and how much content needs to be written. By regularly posting blogs, news or articles on the site you will slowly increase your findability on Google.

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