A link building example in different situations: discover the usefulness of link building!

Link building is about referrals to your website. The more quality backlinks that go to your website, the more search engines will value your content and the higher you will appear in search results. Through link building you can increase these ‘votes’ for your website and become more popular. Maybe you already know what link building is, but you’re not sure if it’s valuable enough to use for your website. In this article we will therefore give you some concrete link building examples, so you can discover what link building can do for you.

Simple link building example

Broken links

If you want to get started with link building, you can start small. First of all it pays to check if there are broken links to your website. These are references that do not end up on a page of your website because the URL is incorrect. These backlinks then have no value anymore. Fortunately, you can repair this relatively easily and thus benefit from these references again

Imagine you own a furniture company and you’ve launched your new website. Because of this, the pages are arranged differently. For example, on the old website there was a page with tables, but on your new website you’ve divided this into dining tables and coffee tables. A popular blogger has referenced your old page of tables in her blog because she is such a fan of your company. This valuable backlink no longer works. This link building example shows that it pays off to check your backlinks regularly and in case of a broken link, make sure the old URL redirects to your new coffee table or dining table page.


Another link building example is a partner backlink. As an organization or company you undoubtedly have partners. Think of a partnership or simply your customers. By having these partners link to your website, you can easily create a voice for your website.

Imagine you are a web developer. You have built websites and webshops for various companies, including a sunglasses brand. It is customary to mention your company name somewhere on the sunglasses company’s website, with a link to your own website. Visitors who are impressed by the sunglasses webshop are more likely to come to you.

Besides a link to the builder of a website, it could also be the supplier of the sustainable wood for the sunglasses. Maybe the sunglasses website will post blogs about the trends in sunglasses. In such a blog there can be a link to this supplier and in this link building example the supplier gets a vote for his website.

Extensive link building example

There are also more advanced ways of link building. When you outsource link building, a marketing agency can generate backlinks for your website in a variety of ways.

Imagine you have a store that sells smartphones. There are countless physical stores and web shops that sell smartphones. Through search engine optimization it is very difficult to get on top. The names of types of phones are also mentioned very often on the internet. So there are a lot of search results that are hard to come by. To stand out in Google, references to your website can be crucial.

Quality of backlinks

These are high quality referrals. A link building example: imagine your sister is a vlogger. She has just bought a new phone through your webshop and talks about it. She also places a link to your website in the description of the YouTube video. It will depend on the popularity of the vlogger whether this has an effect on your position in Google. Now imagine that the Samsung website refers to your webshop. Google knows that Samsung is an important player in the field of mobile phones and therefore attaches great value to this reference to your webshop. This improves your position in search results. Although a referral on the website is not realistic, you will understand that the authority of the referrer (the one who refers to your website) is crucial.

When you outsource link building, the marketing company will work with backlinks that are truly valuable. Besides authority, attention will be paid to relevance and uniqueness of the references to your website.

link building example

Imagine producing vegan chocolate. The marketers you let do link building will be looking for relevant referrals. Think of the webshop of supermarkets or the blogs of famous vegan influencers. These are relevant backlinks. Compare this to a reference to your vegan chocolate on a car manufacturer’s website: it’s much less relevant and therefore valuable.

Finally, the marketing agency that is working on link building for you will be looking for unique referrals, from different websites. To stay with the chocolate link building example: a referral on a supermarket’s website, on a vegan influencer’s blog, in a news article and in a comparison made by a chocolate webshop is interesting. With this you realise a higher quality backlink than when these references are on the same website: like 4 references on different pages of one supermarket.


Link building can provide your website with more visitors in different ways. However, the key is to know what to do and what not to do. The link building examples in this article will give you some insight into that. Take a look at the options regarding broken links and partner referrals. If you want to take it a step further, you can turn to a marketing agency to get more traffic to your website by means of high-quality backlinks. You will reap the benefits of this!

Convinced of the value of backlinks? Our linkbuilding specialists will help you with linkbuilding, so your website will appear higher in the search engine results. If you want to know more about link building, feel free to contact us. We would like to see what link building can do for you.

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