Website text writing

Anyone involved in e-commerce, whether you offer a product or service, knows that website texts are the most important element of your website. Website texts can make the difference in your position in Google, your conversion rate and in the overall brand experience of the customer. You better pay a lot of attention to this! How? Read all about website content here.

What is copywriting?

How do you ensure that a website visitor remains interested, informed and perhaps most importantly: motivated to buy your products or services? For that you need a well filled website with many applications of different texts. That’s what copywriting is: writing attractive texts, mainly for commercial purposes. Usually this manifests itself in a blog, but it can also be brochure texts, news updates, advertising texts or social media posts. All of these are important elements to reach and convince customers of your brand.

Companies can only exist thanks to one thing, and that is satisfied customers. Before customers can be satisfied, you have to recruit them. By writing website texts you let (potential) customers know you’re there, what you do and you show them the value you deliver to them. Well written texts inspire confidence, improve your findability and ultimately lead to better profit margins.

The measurable effect of having your website text written

The exact effect of website texts cannot be predicted. But you can measure it. When we talk about copywriting, you often hear the adage “sow first, reap later.” This means that if you start today, you will not see the effect of your efforts immediately tomorrow. But when you use a good copywriting strategy and have good website texts written, you will notice that the desired effect follows faster than you think. The result of having website texts written depends on the goal of your organization. To do this , you set realistic goals that you continue to measure over a period of time. Where necessary, you scale up or down your efforts. Of course, this is entirely dependent on what the analytics tell you.

Do you want a higher conversion rate? Or better findability? Depending on your goal you will set up a strategy. This could be an SEO strategy, for example, where you select certain keywords that customers search for and on which you want to be found. You will incorporate these keywords into your website texts, such as blogs. In an online tool like Google Analytics you can see how your position in Google is improving, how many website visits you generate and where you need to optimize. For a conversion goal, the same applies. You can measure this, for example, on the basis of your Conversion Rate. You analyse the exit moments and respond to them by having good website texts written for each phase of the customer journey that the customer experiences on your website.

Hiring a copywriter

Website texts require a good feel for language, market knowledge and a healthy dose of empathy. It is important that website texts are written in a customer-oriented way. You empathize with the customer, informing and convincing them at the right moments. Writing website texts and blogs also takes a lot of time. Hiring a copywriter is the perfect solution when knowledge, time or manpower is lacking. A copywriter looks at your company objectively and can therefore empathise better with the client than internal marketers. The copywriter is actually asking the same questions as the client themselves, and through your briefings the copywriter can give a good answer to the client’s question. This way you avoid “toilet duck” like texts, but provide a fresh perspective.

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