Sustainable coalition agreement of SDG Netherlands

Together with sustainable partners, SDG Netherlands launched the Sustainable Coalition Agreement campaign. They call for a coalition agreement that balances economic, ecological and social values. The manifesto aims for a sustainable coalition agreement with the Global Goals as its foundation.

The Global Goals, officially the Sustainable Development Goals, are 17 universal goals concerning sustainable development. All 193 member states of the United Nations accepted these goals in 2015, so they are being pursued internationally. They must be achieved by 2030. This makes the Global Goals the most ambitious plan for sustainable development ever created. You can read more about the Global Goals and sustainable business in our earlier post.

However, the Dutch government has not translated the Global Goals into national goals. And there is no concrete plan to meet the goals at the national level. The Sustainable Coalition Agreement campaign was launched in the run-up to the parliamentary elections and the new coalition agreement that followed.

In concrete terms, the Sustainable Coalition Agreement calls on the new cabinet to make three points:

1) Create an action plan to achieve the Global Goals in the Netherlands. This plan should cover both current and future generations and look at positive and negative impacts in the Netherlands, as well as internationally.

2) Ensure that policies and resources consistently promote achievement of the Global Goals. This refers to, for example, market forces and government policies, which must work in such a way that they contribute to achieving the Global Goals. Examples include tax shifting from labour to capital and pollution, sustainable procurement and the use of financial instruments.

3) Let citizens and organizations think about how the Netherlands can achieve the Global Goals. Because the Global Goals affect everyone, different parties in society need to be involved in the process. Think of input from young people and organizations, but also of an inclusive and transparent process where the consequences of outcomes are clear in advance.

Ecoteers supports the manifesto. You too? In addition to signing up, you can also start working with the Global Goals yourself. Check out the tips from SDG Netherlands.

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