Rewriting a text: what can you achieve?

Writing and distributing good content that says something about your brand or product is an important element of your marketing strategy. A copywriter helps you to get your message, mission and vision across to your target audience.

However, each communication tool and each target group requires a different approach. Something that appeals to an 18-year-old may not have the same effect on a 50-year-old. Similarly, a certain text may look great on a website, but be too long for a newsletter or not do justice in a social media post. This sometimes requires rewriting a text. SEO copywriters can give existing texts a makeover or rewrite a text so that it is completely in line with your goal, medium and client.

What do copywriters do?

Copywriters write different types of texts, often for various clients. Each text has a different, specific purpose. The texts can vary from an advertising text to a website blog, a brochure, a white paper or for example a newsletter. Each is distributed on a different communication channel. Because each channel is unique, all texts will have a different purpose. For example, the purpose of a social media post may be customer retention or engagement, while a text on a website may be posted to achieve higher conversions or to improve its position in Google. This is also known as SEO copywriting .

Telling your core message

So different types of texts are used for different marketing purposes. Such a text can tell the same story in outline, often this is the ‘core message’ of the company. In other words: who you are as a company, what you do and why you do it. A text is read by different target groups in different places. To achieve that one desired goal, it is important that the text is optimized for all these situations. One of the most important tasks of a copywriter is therefore to rewrite a text so that it again fits within the marketing objectives of the client in an appropriate medium.

Rewriting text: How it’s done

The trick to rewriting a text lies in the following. Every copywriter asks himself time and again: what does the text do for your reader? Is it clear to readers what it is about and does it convince them of the message and offer? Many companies get stuck on this themselves. After all, they have heard the story so often that it has become child’s play for them to understand the text. Copywriters see this differently. They put themselves in the customer’s shoes. They don’t just check whether the text is grammatically correct (although that is very important), but they also let the text activate: they incite the client to take action.

During text rewriting, editing is done. This means that the text will be sharpened, shortened or rewritten until it really suits your goal. The readability of the text is also discussed. Above all, a website text should be easy to read, because people tend to only scan there. That’s why websites are making more use of blank lines and sub-headings, which is also good for your SEO! Newsletters should be short and to the point and on social media you can adopt an informal style of tone. So every text is slightly different.

Outsourcing the rewriting of texts

Do you want these different types of texts to all connect perfectly with the reader? Then text rewriting is a good plan. You can do this yourself or have SEO copywriters do it for you. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us without obligation!

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