Save time with the use of Google Ads scripts

Using Google Ads scripts is an effective way to automate actions within your Google Ads account. Besides setting up, optimizing Google Ads campaigns is an important part. To save time or to be more effective, Google Ads scripts can be used.

What are Google Ads scripts?

A Google Ads script is a piece of JavaScript that helps automate work within Google Ads. It is possible to add this yourself within Google Ads. If you have a large Google Ads account, it is for example possible to use a script to pause multiple campaigns. This can save a lot of time and money.


Where in the past Google Ads specialists spent a lot of time monitoring and adjusting bids and keywords, in the future these parts will be automated more and more. This allows a Google Ads specialist to take on an increasingly advisory role, in order to better serve its client or employer. In addition to using automatic bidding strategies or having recommendations automatically applied from Google, using scripts is also a method to automate within the Google Ads account.

Using scripts

Because writing scripts can be complex, it is possible to use and/or edit pre-made scripts from the Google library. For example, with the standard scripts provided by Google Ads, you can download reports of the performance of your Google Ads account. You can also check that links in your ads are not broken. In addition to these scripts, for example, there are numerous scripts that indicate errors within the Google Ads account. By using these scripts, you can quickly identify and correct errors. This is so that they do not have a negative effect on the results.

The right Google Ads Scripts

There are many different types of scripts that can be used. These include scripts that automatically adjust bids or make bulk adjustments across the entire Google Ads account. Choosing the right scripts is crucial for this. Because only then will it make your work easier, not harder.

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