Data driven decisions with Advertising Analytics Software

As your company’s online presence and performance grows, so does the amount and complexity of data. Something that has advantages and disadvantages. Data can support better substantiation of, for example, advertising decisions. When data is not transparent or the right tools are not used, the increase in data actually leads to more complex or incorrect decisions. We look at the usefulness of advertising analytics software in this context.

Use of different platforms

One of the problems that can arise with increasing marketing activity and the data it entails is that it is not stored centrally. Different platforms with data also means different data formats. Software can bring this advertising data together and that creates more insight.

The Right Advertising Analytics Software

There is no one type of software that is obviously the right one for advertising analytics. Each situation may call for a different solution. However, there are a few requirements that advertising analytics software needs to meet in order to achieve maximum results. We cover data preparation, reporting and analysis.

Data preparation possibilities

It is important that all different types of data can be processed in the advertising analytics software. If this is not the case, data must still be stored and analyzed separately.

In addition, it must be possible to clean up, modify and merge all types of data. This is part of data preparation, a crucial step for analyzing the data. Merging and cleaning up data will contribute to the quality of the analyses.

Reporting and Analysis

A cleansed and merged data set is the basis for making data driven advertising decisions. The next step is to make the data transparent. A dataset of millions of data points may have solved the problem of separated data, but it does not yet make the data analyzable. The reporting capabilities of advertising analytics software are therefore crucial. Reporting makes the data transparent and usable for analysis.

When choosing the right analytics software, it is important to consider the complexity of the software. The strength of an advertising specialist lies not in processing, but in analyzing data. This creates insight into the data and helps in making well-founded decisions.

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