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Grow on Instagram

Nowadays, the guidelines of Instagram are very tightened. There are many small rules that you must follow, otherwise you will put your account at risk. For example, you can get a “shadow-ban” or a permanent ban. You can get this by posts that violate the guidelines, but also by following too many people. Our Growth Hacking specialists will be happy to help you grow your account without getting into trouble. Fake followers will also be avoided, as these accounts have absolutely no effect on your account. In some scenarios, the fake followers even have a negative effect. We don’t just want to take over your work, but also advise you and see what you can do yourself!

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    What exactly will we be doing

    In order to grow on Instagram, there are a number of steps to follow. We show these steps in detail below.

    Follow & unfollow

    Research has shown that on average 25% of the people you follow, follow you back. By choosing well who you follow, this average can be achieved. In addition, followers who are interested in your account will give you more likes, reactions, website taps, etc. This increases your "Instagram score". The higher your Instagram, the sooner you can be found by Instagram users. This works almost the same as Google. However, there is a catch here. Instagram has a lot of little rules. Our Growth Hacking experts are aware of these and know how to keep your account out of trouble. In addition, NO FAKE followers are followed or purchased. These accounts have absolutely no effect and can even be negative for your account. We make sure your account grows organically


    Like, comment, follow hashtags

    On Instagram, it is important that you also connect with the followers. By liking, commenting and following you attract the attention of the Instagram users. These people will then visit your account and possibly follow you. In addition, this also helps to increase your engagement rate. This can be an effective process, but it is very time consuming.


    Post boosts with the help of Ecoteers' green network

    The first half hour of the post is very crucial. Based on this length of time, Instagram determines how important your post is. If many people like, comment and save the post in the beginning, this can expand the reach of your post. Ecoteers would like to help you expand your reach by boosting your post. We do this by using other accounts that we manage. In addition, at the beginning of the collaboration we will also boost your account by liking all the photos.


    Monthly update + advice

    Each month we will provide an update on what has happened to your Instagram account. Think: how many followers have joined, how many "following" have decreased, what do your followers look like, etc. This could be in the form of a graph. In addition, advice is given to optimize your account even more. This advice can also help you grow your account.

    What we provide

    Our packages

    The package consists of the basics of Growth Hacking.  Would you like to try it first? Then try two weeks completely free and without obligation!
    We are convinced that we can make your account grow by 100 followers per month. Not successful? Then you don’t have to pay! 

    Tree Package

    Grow to the max!
    250 monthly
    • Follow & unfollow
    • Liking, commenting and following hashtags
    • Post boosters
    • Monthly updates and advice
    • Upgrading or downscaling is always possible
    • Available on a monthly basis
    • A 60% Discount after 1 year

    Sustainable businesses

    Sustainable businesses

    For us, sustainability is not just about planting trees and making green decisions. We also go for sustainable collaborations with our partners. We do this in the following way:

    Sharing knowledge

    We always look at whether your organization might be able to take over activities itself. The subscription can therefore be cancelled every month. Of course you can always scale down or up.  This way we can use our skills in other areas if necessary.

    Promoting sustainability with a discount

    We hope that the companies and entrepreneurs in our network will also actively pursue sustainability in the coming years. Therefore, we want to stimulate this actively. If you are an Ecoteers customer, you can earn a discount on your monthly package price when your organization becomes more sustainable. 

    Circular pricing model: price based on sustainability & carrying capacity

    We operate a special pricing system at Ecoteers. 

    Sustainability & Portability

    We like to partner with other sustainable organizations. So much so that we offer discounts that can quickly add up. In the case of small sustainable NGOs that we support, anything is possible. 

    Do you have a sustainable organization or do you work at a sustainable organization? Then do not buy a package, but fill out the contact form. We are happy to talk with you and do with love water in the wine

    Our Growth Hacking team

    Are you curious about what the Growth Hacking team looks like? Below we have
    a few members of the team that we would like to introduce to you!

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