The countdown: an online initiative against climate change

TED is the now famous organization behind many viral TED talks. The informative and inspiring lectures are filmed and then shared online. Some TED talks have been viewed millions of times. To use this popularity for a good cause, the organisation is now launching Countdown in collaboration with Future Stewards, an online initiative to fight together against climate change.

Why the Countdown?

Climate change and sustainability are complex subjects. Not only is the core of the problem difficult to understand, developing possible solutions requires new creative thinking. It is therefore important that as many people as possible understand what climate change is, and why it is important to take action against it. The Countdown was launched with this in mind.

TED speakers are able to make complicated subjects understandable to everyone. This is how the idea arose to do the same with climate change. From 6 p.m. on October 10 you can go to the Youtube channel of TED listening to different lectures. Lectures are given by inspiring celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Chris Hemsworth, Prince William, and Al Gore. There are also many researchers who share the latest information on sustainability and new technologies.

The Countdown for businesses

Besides the free online lectures, TED also organizes various regional and international actions. It calls on companies to commit to a future without greenhouse gases. The Race To Zero Encourages companies to reduce their emissions and aim for a zero-emissions business by 2050. To support small businesses, there is the
SME Climate Hub

Companies can sign up for one of the two initiatives, and receive free tips on how to reduce emissions and be more resource efficient. In addition, the network of companies provides new opportunities and possible new partnerships. Via
The website of the Countdown
you will find information that can help you on your way to a greener future with your company.

How does Ecoteers participate?

At Ecoteers, we are always committed to a better future. As a company, we are participating in the SME Climate Hub, looking for further opportunities to reduce our emissions.

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