Collaboration Macleasy

We are pleased to share that we have entered into a partnership with Macleasy. Our neighbours at the Social Impact Factory will be working with us on SEO, SEA and page optimisation. We also help to make the Macleasy website bilingual.

What does Macleasy do exactly?

Macleasy repairs Macbooks in a sustainable way. In addition, they also work on a social level by cooperating with Wajongers. We are therefore pleased to add another sustainable company like Macleasy to our network.

Because Macleasy is our neighbor, we see customers leave the building satisfied several times a day. Especially the No Cure No Pay guarantee and the 2 year warranty on maintenance that they provide ensures that all Macleasy customers are always satisfied with the service.

What are we going to do for Macleasy?

We are going to help Macleasy with SEO, SEA and page optimization. Because of the good service, word of mouth is their biggest channel. We want to help Macleasy improve their performance online.

With sustainable partners such as Macleasy, we want to make a positive impact now and in the future. If your organization is also looking for help with SEO, SEA or page optimization, please contact us.

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