Partnership Zustainabox

We are pleased to share that we have formed a partnership with
have been entered into. Zustainabox is a company that is committed to a better climate, less animal suffering and a sustainable future. This fits perfectly with our own philosophy and we are therefore very excited about this collaboration.

What does Zustainabox do?

Zustainabox sells boxes of sustainable items. Through this box, the abbonees can get inspiration to make adjustments in their lives. In this way, customers can slowly become accustomed to a sustainable lifestyle.

Zustainabox is committed to a better climate in various ways. All products are plastic-free, vegan and low impact. They do this by looking for sustainable partners, of which we are now one. They also have 1 tree planted for every box they sell and protect one square meter of land for every box sold.

Business gifts and Christmas hampers

Companies can also come to Zustainabox. They can put together a personalized package for any company. This way you can present your business relations with an original and sustainable gift. During Christmas Zustainabox sells sustainable Christmas hampers, so employees can be surprised in a sustainable way.

What will we do for Zustainabox?

We’re going to help Zustainabox find and execute a proper content strategy. In addition, together we will look for answers to interesting questions in the field of sustainability and employee satisfaction.

With sustainable partners like Zustainabox, we want to work towards a positive impact now and in the future. If you want to know more about Zustainabox, please read
this article
on our platform EcoToday.

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