Partnership Ampera Park

We are pleased to share that we have partnered with AmperaPark. Their sustainable philosophy and Twente roots are a perfect match for Ecoteers. We are really looking forward to this cooperation!

What does AmperaPark do?

AmperaPark, in cooperation with the University of Twente
a solar carport
developed the Amperaport. This beautiful carport transforms a grey parking lot into a green one sustainable parking. With an AmperaPark solar carport you can generate 2500 KwH of energy per year.

The carports are also scalable: Amperapark takes on projects between 3 and 3,000 parking spaces. Hopefully, together with Amperapark, we can ensure that more companies will achieve their climate objectives by purchasing
a solar carport

What are we going to do for Ampera Park?

We will enter into a far-reaching cooperation with Amperapark. In the coming period, we will function as the external marketing department of AmperaPark. We will do our utmost to roll out this great product throughout the Netherlands.

With sustainable partners such as AmperaPark, we want to be able to
make a positive impact. Do you also want a solar carport on your property? Then please contact us.

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