Expanded collaboration with Webvoice & BM Projects

Our partners from Webvoice & BM projects are one of our oldest clients. As a company that is only a few years old, this might not be very impressive, but we are very proud of this long-term cooperation!

For Webvoice and BM projects we manage three domains: fitbegin.nl, versify.nl and sunflake.nl. We may add a fourth to this list, namely hardloopzone.nl. Below we briefly explain what these 4 websites have to offer.


Fitbegin focuses on the basics of being fit: your sleep. You can find a lot of tips and recommended products here. Looking for the best body pillow of 2021? The answer can be found on the website!


On versify.nl you can find a comparison between different electronics devices, such as sound boxes or robot vacuum cleaners. This is how different Roomba’s are compared. Want to know the difference between the iRobot Roomba e6 vs iRobot Roomba 976? Then you need look no further.


Sunflake focuses on the traveller. For example, are you looking for the best sleeping bag? At Sunflake you will find an extensive comparison of different products and also the possibility to buy travel products.


The newest domain we will be working on is hardloopzone.nl. As the name says, this website is aimed at the sports enthusiasts, or those who are looking for the right equipment for a sporting outing.

Looking for the best running shoes? On the website of hardloopzone.nl you will find a wide selection of different running shoes.

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