Divorce monitor launched with help of Ecoteers

In collaboration with Ecoteers, Codator is launching the Divorce Monitor this week. This website presents the results of studies on divorce. In order to set up the knowledge base, results of various studies on divorce were analyzed. The results of this large-scale study are published at: www.gecertificeerdemediators.nl.

By using multiple databases, a good overview of the Dutch population has been created. The results provide insight into monthly and annual trends, as well as geographical differences, through graphs and tables.

About Codator

Codator offers help with all aspects of divorce. Codator can help you with everything from mediation to court procedures, and from mortgage advice to tax advice. At Ecoteers, we have a lot of experience in creating a knowledge base on various topics. By joining forces we hope to provide more insight into the trends surrounding marriages and marriage dissolutions in the Netherlands.

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