Partnership Ecorus

We are pleased to share that we have entered into a partnership with Ecorus. Ecorus is a developer of solar energy projects. Their love of the trade and the quality they deliver has made Ecorus the market leader in the field of solar projects for companies and housing corporations. Like us, Ecorus wants to make a difference in the coming years and we are therefore looking forward to this collaboration.

What does Ecorus do?

Ecorus is at the forefront of the energy transition with large projects at distribution centres such as Ahold. Because of the size of their projects, they can make big hits. To date, they have already installed 400,000 solar panels, generating no less than 113.3 MW of energy. Thanks to the knowledge and experience it has built up over the years, Ecorus can actually realise complex projects.

What will we do with Ecorus?

We are going to help Ecorus implement a proper content strategy. We have already carried out several projects for Ecorus and we hope to complete many successfully in the near future. We will not only contribute to this, but it is also a source of knowledge for us. With a sustainable partner such as Ecorus, we want to work on a positive impact now and in the future.

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