How Ecoteers can help with your online findability

We at Ecoteers provide various services in the field of online marketing and websites. We get questions about the best way to create good online visibility for your business. We often do this by combining a number of our services and products.

Search engine optimized website

The basis of a good online findability is largely dependent on your website. This is where we often lay the first foundation. Our websites always meet two important requirements: the layout and search engine optimization (SEO).

First, the layout, this is obviously very important for your potential customers, so we always tune it exactly to your target group. We make sure your website is optimized for all types of devices, such as laptop, smartphone and tablet. We also take care of conversion optimization, so that your website attracts as many potential customers as possible.

Second, the SEO. This is important for your findability in major search engines. These search engines determine the order in which you are found according to a number of algorithms. It is important that your website is precisely optimized for these algorithms, so that you can rank as high as possible within Google. This is standard included in our website package.


Once your website is up and running, you want to bring in as many potential customers as possible. This often happens through search engines or social media. To make it as attractive as possible to go to your website, it is important to have many relevant texts on your website. This is one of the services we offer at Ecoteers.

Our writers write content that is fully SEO-proof, so that your texts are indexed as well as possible by Google. This is important, because the more relevant text your website contains about your work or service, the faster you will rank higher in Google.

Content is therefore one of the most important pillars for your website. So feel free to take
us to discuss what we can do for your website.

Social Media

As we mentioned under content, a new major form of bringing in customers is the Social Media channels. To get the most out of this, it is important to know how the underlying algorithms of these networks work. Because this can be a difficult process, we offer this to our clients.

We make sure that your content is placed on your socials at the right moments. And also contains relevant content for your followers. This way you ensure a fast growth of your channels which in turn can result in a growth of customers!


To ensure that your website ranks high more quickly, it is important to use link building. One of the most important factors in Google’s algorithm is to see how many links are going to your website. Together with the content, among other things, this calculates the position of your ranking. Because a relatively new website does not yet have many incoming links, it is important to set up a link building campaign.

A link building campaign means that you approach different websites and try to get them to place a link to your website. This could be by posting a guest blog on their website, linking to your own website. Or exchanging a link between the two website.

Because setting up a link building campaign can be a time intensive and difficult process, it is wise to outsource it. We offer this campaign in our SEO packages.

So feel free to contact us, so over a coffee we can discuss how we can help you with your online findability!

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