Ecoteers has planted 125 trees!

In October, Ecoteers and its customers planted 125 trees since its inception. With the Ecotree project we are working together with our partners towards a greener future.

Since our inception, making a positive impact has always been our main goal. That’s why we chose to plant a tree for every 5,000 words we write for our clients. Together with our partners and customers, this is how we ensure that the world (literally) becomes a little greener.

When we started, we set ourselves the target of planting 150 trees in the first year. Although we have not yet been in existence for a year, we have already almost achieved this objective! From now on we hope to double this every year, in order to be able to plant 80.000 trees a year in 10 years time. If we do not achieve this objective with our customers, we will ensure ourselves that the trees are still planted.

We hope of course that we can continue to plant many more trees in the future. In this way, we are all working together towards a greener world!

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