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From this month on, we are going to strengthen our partnership with by supporting the company in its marketing, page optimization and SEO strategy. The past half year Dogukan, owner of, saved us a lot of stress Nice that we can now also work for him.

What does exactly? is an accounting firm from Hengelo which is growing rapidly. They process the administration, provide tax returns and give business advice. The past six months we have seen that is always ready to help you.

Through good accounting, tax and financial advice, they are a good partner from Hengelo, especially for us as a start-up company. Check out what they do here.

What exactly will we do for

We will first help with rewriting the content on the website and a page optimization. We do this by carrying out a prior keyword research and setting up the website accordingly. During this one-time fix we will make many adjustments such as setting meta tags correctly, improving pagespeed, correcting titles and facilitating an SEO-proof layout of the website.


In addition, we are going to increase the Domain Authority by finding partners who can link to the website. We do this so that the website ranks higher in Google’s PageRank algorithm. For this it is important that different websites link to the domain, preferably on different topics.

SEO content

In addition, we for 2 times a month blogs and SEO-proof posts on the website. This will quickly ensure that more traffic will be directed to the website via Google.

We are very happy with the new partnership and look forward to years of good cooperation!

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