Sustainable entrepreneurs come together at The Impact Hub in Amsterdam. One of these successful, sustainable entrepreneurs is a Rotterdam native with a big heart for nature, the climate and the environment. We’re talking about the founder of ZustainaBox: Manon van Leeuwen.

What does Zustainabox do?

The ZustainaBox is filled with the cutest sustainable alternatives to stuff that almost everyone uses. This way you support local, sustainable entrepreneurs and switch to a greener everyday life.

As a member of this inspiring community, we are in monthly contact with entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world. We only work with brands and companies that have the same vision on sustainability as we do, says Manon.

What has Ecoteers helped with?

We spend a lot of time finding the right eco match. With brands that make nice eco products of good quality. ZustainaBox quickly found a good match in Ecoteers to address the problems with the website. An extensive SEO check and website audit were requested.

This is not just a simple scan of the website, it also looks at your competition and missed opportunities. During an SEO check, Ecoteers extensively examines how you can score better on Google and other search engines. In addition, we explain with videos how you can improve these things yourself and how to solve problems (for example in WordPress).

Website audit

The challenge in performing a thorough audit is to clearly identify all areas for improvement. After this, it should be explained as clearly as possible what exactly the problem is and how improvements can be made.

Within the website audit, it was also found that there were too many different and non-working plug-ins on the website, which can lead to load time delays and error messages. Google also values a slow-loading website lower.

Website of Zustainabox

Extensive reporting

By using various audit tools, Ecoteers delivered a comprehensive report to ZustainaBox. In this report, all points for improvement were discussed in detail and a video explained step-by-step how they could easily implement these themselves.

The extensive audit and the resulting, easy to implement, solutions have ensured that ZustainaBox now scores much higher on the keywords that are most relevant to them.

Since there was a good match between Ecoteers and ZustainaBox, we expanded our collaboration. Ecoteers now continues to help ZustainaBox in their mission to make shopping in the Netherlands more sustainable! We do this by developing and writing white papers, delivering blogs and optimizing existing web pages.

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