We help Utrecht4GlobalsGoals with their new website and monthly content. Of course, we also stand behind what they do 100%!

What does Utrecht4GlobalGoals do?

Utrecht4GlobalGoals brings together organizations in Utrecht to work on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They put the UN’s 17 universal goals on the agenda and they must be achieved by 2030. They do this in Utrecht by organizing projects and events to get everyone on the same page.

They also put companies that are doing well in the spotlight by awarding the annual U-awards.

What does Ecoteers do for Utrecht4GlobalGoals?

Ecoteers helped Utrecht4GlobalGoals to build their website. This should be a good business card for the organization and at the same time a place where a community can be established. The new website contributes to the mission of Utrecht4GlobalGoals to put all SDGs on the map for every inhabitant of Utrecht.

The website of U4GG

We remain involved with U4GG

We are very fond of Utrecht4GlobalGoals and therefore continue to support them with monthly content. Copywriting Utrecht is ready to write a nice blog/article for U4Goals every month. In this way we can work together towards a more sustainable Utrecht.

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