Macleasy is a sustainable Mac service office in the heart of Utrecht. They specialize in reducing Apple computer waste. This is done by using sustainable maintenance, repair and trade-in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cooperation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are central to Macleasy. The goal is to commit to the sustainable management of people, the environment and Macs (people-planet-product).

By giving broken Apple MacBooks & iMacs a new lease of life and reusing their parts, we reduce CO2 emissions and prevent unnecessary waste of parts. Macleasy also offers young people with a distance to the labour market an educational path so that they can develop their talents and use them in the right place.

SEO & Content marketing

Ecoteers supports Macleasy in these goals with sustainable content marketing and SEO. First of all, a thorough analysis of the website was carried out. This was extensively assessed on various points in order to subsequently draw up an SEO strategy.

As a result, several pages have been expanded and rewritten. In addition, Ecoteers writes a blog every two weeks that improves online findability.

The result is that Macleasy now appears second in the search results on Google on several important keywords, just after the official Apple support site! This allows Macleasy to offer a sustainable alternative to repairs, with a focus on reducing e-waste.

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