With over 1500 employees and some 60 branches, Flynth is the largest advisor and accountant in the Netherlands for small and medium-sized businesses. They work for small and medium-sized companies, but also for very specific clients such as agricultural entrepreneurs and educational institutions. Flynth also regularly works for large companies.

A sustainable & innovative future

Flynth wants to contribute to the innovative future of the Netherlands. Here, sustainability is and will remain one of the most important themes, also at Flynth. As of 1 January, Flynth advisors and accountants has acquired the company Bosch & van Rijn. Bosch & van Rijn is specialized in sustainable energy advice and advises governments and companies on policy and project development for wind and solar energy projects.

New SEO strategy

Flynth was already posting content on a regular basis to some extent, but not all articles were written with a good SEO strategy in mind. There were also some crucial improvements that could be made in terms of backlinks and link building.

A significant portion of the existing content was taken in hand and rewritten with the new SEO strategy in mind. We also looked at the supporting visuals on the site. A new campaign has been set up to target a specific audience. The text on the landing page has been revised. The campaign was supported with targeted posts on social media.

In addition, supporting texts were written for mailing campaigns and SEA texts were delivered. There is now regular contact with Flynth’s digital marketing team regarding the best online approach for the various market segments and target groups.

Improved click-through rate

In the short term, we already see a significant increase of almost 5% in the CTR of the Google Ads campaigns in the first weeks after implementation. As these campaigns run longer, it is expected that this will increase by a similar percentage each week.

As far as SEO is concerned, we can see that Flynth now scores very high in the Google ranking for the desired keywords. For many of the keywords, Flynth now ranks first, right after the official websites of the Dutch government.

Flynth itself is very pleased with the results achieved so far and looks forward to further collaboration.

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