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What does 123Onlineboekhouding do?

123Onlineboekhouding is a young company that already has eight years experience in the financial world. The basic principle is that the client does not have to worry about entering invoices or making a financial report. He wants to do what he’s good at, which is business.

123Onlineboekhouding aims to reduce the burden on their customers in the field of administration. 123Onlineboekhouding strives to be affordable, personal and transparent. And always work efficiently.

What has Ecoteers been able to do?

The company is growing fast, but operates in a sector with a lot of competition. In this case, good search engine optimization can make the difference between your company and that of the competition.

123Onlineboekhouding was mainly looking for a quick solution and a way to maintain the website and additional search engine optimization in the future.

After a careful audit of the website, Ecoteers came up with a number of important areas for improvement. This clearly explained how these problems arose, how they could be solved and how they could be prevented in the future.

The website of 123Onlineboekhouding

Improvements to the website

Meanwhile, the improvements have been implemented so that the website now scores much higher in Google’s PageRank algorithm. This is mainly due to a better position in Google’s search results and targeted landing pages on the site. In addition, Ecoteers now ensures that the website is updated twice a month with SEO-friendly content.

This is done through relevant and interesting blog posts that are easily found and often shared. This has led to an increase in the number of visitors to the website and a better position in the search results. This will only increase as the website is regularly updated with more SEO-friendly content.

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