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Make your parking spot sustainable with a solar carport!

AmperaPort’s contain special semi-transparent sun panels, allowing for cars to stand dry and cool while recharging through solar energy. Through the clean design, AmperaPark doesn’t only provide sustainable parking spots, but also a stylish view. See here for yourself!

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Calculate how much your organization can save through a sustainable parking lot

Through the Sun4Miles tool, developed by AmperaPark, you can calculate exactly how much solar-kilometers your company can generate. Click here to see how many solar-kilometers you a solar carport can generate for you.

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What are the benefits?

Your own energy

Your company is no longer dependent on a gray netflow, making electric driving even more sustainable.

Ready for the future

Achieve your sustainable goals faster than before and invest in your future.

Comfort en Design

These solarcarports don’t merely radiate sustainability, but also give your company a showstopper.

Our unique methods

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AmerpaPark has a multitude of partners, resulting in the latest state-of-the-art techniques.

Research en Development
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Research en Development

AmperaPark works together with diverse universities and academies to scientifically research intelligent power grids for parking lots.

Comfort and Appearance
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Comfort and Appearance

Aside from your own energy source for green power, AmperaPort also contributes substantial comfort and appearance.

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