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Our solar carport: the AmperaPort

The AmperaPort is the solar carport developed by AmeraPark. With this sustainable roof, containing sunpanels, you transform your gray parking spot to a sustainable source of energy,  generating up to 3.000kWH. Do you want to know how much you can annually save through implementing our solar carport? Use our calculation tool!

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About the AmperaPort

De zonnecarport van AmperaPark is dé oplossing om jouw grijze parkeerplaats om te zetten naar een hernieuwbare duurzame energiebron. De AmperaPort heeft dan ook verschillende voordelen:

3.000kWH per year

A parking spot with AmperaPark’s solar carports produces 3.000kWH of energy per year. This converts to at least 15.000 green solar kilometers.


An AmperaPort is delivered in units consisting of three parking spots. One unit measured 7.5 meter in width and 6 meters deep.

Rapid delivery

Due to our smart and sustainable modes of action, we can transform your gray parking space into a sustainable one within a week.


The AmperaPort is scalable. Our standard units are tailored to your demand, ranging from 3 to 3000 parking spots. 

Fiscal benefits

When you choose for AmperaPark’s solar carport, you can use various fiscal benefits and governmental subsidies!

Reach your energy goals

Starting January 1st, 2023, every company larger than 100m2 should at least have achieved a energy label C. Through placing an AmperaPort, you can easily build towards making your building more sustainable.  

Want to find out how much you can save through placing a solar carport?

AmperaPark developed a tool through which you can precisely calculate what you could save through placing a solar carport. This way you can freely calculate how you can transform your parking space to a sustainable energy source.

Calculate what you can save

What distinguishes AmperaPark’s solar carport?

Research en Development

With our partners at the University of Twente, we developed the AmperaPort to a solar carport with the most innovative techniques. This allows AmperaPark’s sustainable energy source to procure maximal efficiency for your parking spot.

Comfort and Appearance

Aside from obtaining a green source of energy on your parking spot, AmperaPort ensures substantial comfort and appearance, allowing you to offer your visitors a dry and cool parking space. An AmperaPort assures to be an eye-catcher in your parking lot.

Additionally, our carports contain a smart-charging point for your electric car.

Interested in installing an AmperaPort?

Do you still have questions, looking to request an offer for installing a solar carport, or shape your parking lot in a more sustainable manner? Contact us through filling out this form, we strive to respond within one workday.

Would you rather contact us over the phone? You can always contact us at:

(+31) 6 53 757 793